Saturday, 31 January 2009

Erdogan, Peres and the Black Sheep of the Family


Oy, the clash at Devos between our Simon'le Peres and that meshuggenah Turkish prime minister is such a shanda fur die goyim.

For this Erdogan to quote from the anti-semitic ramblings of our most self-hating ex-Jew was bad enough, but for him to accuse our knight in shining armour of "killing people", and then to turn his back and walk out on him in front of the whole world, was really schlecht.

But worst of all was our Peres phoning that no-goodnik Turk afterwards and apologising! What a slap in the face for the Jewish people.

Oy oy oy, and it has upset my favourite nephews as well. For the first time in years, Dovid T and Mony'le are in agreement about one thing: nothing could taste more bitter than this terrible news that the black sheep of the family, the one we banished to Eckveldt, is the one whose anti-semitic writings are being read by presidents and quoted at the World Economic Forum.

With this coming so soon after that interview which Azmoned gave to a journalist from Iran, our Dovid'le was boiling with anger and resentment.

"I am also pissed off with Peres, " he told Mony'le. "He had his chance to throw a couple of good quotes back at Erdogan, but he didn't, did he? He could have mentioned that I, David Taube, who has single-handedly done so much to get muslim-only swimming sessions banned from greater London, once had a drink with Azmoned, and that in my opinion he is nothing but a 'buffoon' and an 'extremist'!"

"Exactly," said Mony'le. "And he should have told them that I, Mony'le Gripstein of the Brighton Unemployment Centre, have called Azmoned a 'creature' who comes from a 'septic tank'!"

Nu shoin, my nephews are such fighters for Yisrael. They have vowed to continue with the struggle to have Azmoned's books banned in the UK and jazz banned in Turkey.

United against the Turks

Eckveldt - the end of the earth. The last town, before you fall off the edge of the planet. Nowheresville.
Meshuggenah - crazy person
Schlecht — really bad. By the way, this word will also help you if you have a little build-up of phlegm.
Shanda fur die goyim - a shame, a scandal. To do something embarrassing to Jews where non-Jews can observe it.

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