Friday, 10 April 2009

Israel: the age of permanent war?


Tom Ricks, at FP/BD, here

"...But I worry about its long-term implications for the security of Israel, especially the notion of not fighting by the rules, which the article doesn't really explain, but which I think if done badly could further undermine Western popular support for Israel.

He doesn't offer much hope for the future. Israel is recognizing that it is in a permanent state of war, he concludes: There is no such thing as winning in this new kind of war. The war is ongoing, with periods of more violence and periods of less violence, during which the enemy regroups and plans his next attack. When we feel the enemy is getting strong, we must be prepared to make preemptive strikes, hard and fast at key targets, with viciousness, as the enemy would do to us. Only then can we acquire, not peace, but sustained periods of relative calm."

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