Tuesday, 5 May 2009

IOA gives Jerusalemite two months to flatten his own home

IOA gives Jerusalemite two months to flatten his own home

[ 05/05/2009 - 04:03 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSAELM, (PIC)-- The Jewish-controlled municipality court in occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday gave Faraj Ulayan an inhabitant of the Old City of Jerusalem two months to knock down his own home or face imprisonment for 50 days.

Ulayan said that he built his home ten years ago and that it shelters ten individuals who would be rendered homeless in the event it was demolished, describing the court ruling as "oppressive" and "illegal".

He added that the Israeli occupation authority warned him that he would be imprisoned and would have to pay a fine along with the high cost of the demolition by the municipality bulldozers if he did not comply with the order.

MP Mushir Al-Masri, the secretary general of the Hamas parliamentary bloc, said in a statement on Tuesday that the continued Israeli expansionist, settlement drive in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank was the fruit of the defeatist negotiations project.

He said that the Palestinian people's sole option is to unite behind resistance to bridle the "Zionist criminal mentality", and asked the former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to return to national options and to "stop begging the Zionist occupation".

Masri strongly denounced the Palestinian negotiator's begging policy, which, he said, only served as a cover for the Zionist occupation's crimes against the Palestinian people.

Khudari: IOA judaization rapidly, seriously escalating

[ 04/05/2009 - 07:30 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, on Monday championed Arab, Islamic and international stand against the Israeli occupation authority's accelerated steps to judaize occupied Jerusalem.

He said in a statement that the IOA was confiscating Palestinian lands, annexing them to settlements, demolishing Palestinian homes and constructing roads at an increasing pace.

The lawmaker said that the IOA practices in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank necessitated a unified Palestinian stand and moves by all concerned parties because the situation was "very serious" and could not be met with silence.

Khudari called for massive rallies and marches to oppose the IOA judaization of Jerusalem and its persecution of the Palestinian people.

For its part, the Palestinian center for human rights strongly condemned the Zionist scheme of annexing the Kidar settlement to that of Maaleh Adumim east of occupied Jerusalem and confiscating around 12,000 dunums of Palestinian lands for this purpose.

The center urged the world community especially the signatories to the fourth Geneva convention to shoulder their legal and ethical responsibilities and to live up to their commitments.

The international silence was only encouraging the IOA to act as a state above the law and to commit more violations of the international laws, it warned.

Meanwhile, the IOA on Monday issued a new batch of administrative demolition orders of Palestinian homes in the Old City of Jerusalem and in the suburbs of Wadi Al-Joz and Ras Al-Amoud.

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