Saturday, 27 June 2009

"The Lebanese forces burned my handicapped father alive, but it's Hasan Nasrallah who threatens me"...

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Jawad Adra (Information International) is writing a commentary (next brief) to include testimonies & names of his final pre-election tour.

He visited a Sunni village in Batroun, known to have endured the premeditated savagery of the Lebanese Forces. He went to the house of a woman whose mother was shot while running for refuge inside her house and whose 75 HANDICAPPED father was gagged, tied and dosed off with gazoline and burned alive in his wheelchair while militiamen laughed and sneered at his supplications. She remembers these things vividly! When Jawad began by saying "your village lost 40 good men & women to sectarian cleansing", she immediately corrected him by saying "46 people, 'inta il sadeq'". She also remembers that there were some Maronites in the area who offered safe havens to the Muslims, among them was the family of Jubran Basil!

HOWEVER, when asked about her voting intentions, the woman said: "I am going to vote for Antoine Zahra". When she saw Jawad's EXTREME surprise she retorted with this title grabbing sentence "The Lebanese forces burned my handicapped father, but it's Hasan Nasrallah who threatens me".

This is beyond brainwashing!

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