Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ministry of prisoners deplores Abbas’s militia for kidnapping Hamas spokesman

Ministry of prisoners deplores Abbas’s militia for kidnapping Hamas spokesman

[ 29/09/2009 - 08:16 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs on Tuesday strongly denounced Mahmoud Abbas’s militias for kidnapping ex-detainee Abdelbasit Al-Haj, a Hamas spokesman in Jenin, only few days after his release from Israeli jails.

The ministry said that Al-Haj spent in Israeli jails more than nine years, mostly in administrative detention without any charge or trial, noting that one of his brothers died eight months ago in the preventive security’s jails as a result of his exposure to severe torture at the hands of Abbas’s militias.

The ministry called on Abbas to release all political prisoners especially the ex-detainees from his jails and stop all forms of coordination with the Israeli occupation, as this would help to achieve the national reconciliation.

In another context, Hamas lawmaker Huda Naim said in a press release on Tuesday that her Movement dealt positively with the new Egyptian overture and showed great flexibility and keenness on its success.

MP Naim added that this keenness stems from her Movement’s realization that the intenal division became a fertile ground for those who have personal projects beyond the interest of the Palestinian people and their national cause.

The lawmaker pointed out that the ball now is in the court of Fatah faction, linking any success of the reconciliation efforts to Fatah leadership’s genuine willingness to end the division.

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