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Yousef Abudayyeh – Ibish's new task: Defending the zionists' "right" to Palestine….And he's itching for a fight, but no one is taking him up on it


By Yousef Abudayyeh • Sep 15th, 2009 at 8:58 •

hussein-ibishOne should become worried, when spent tools of corrupt Arab regimes start feeling ignored and anxious because no one is answering their URGENT questions. These people are so full of themselves, they actually believe that the Arab American community would go out and buy their "books". I am not a psychologist, but it looks like these people might very soon hurt themselves again if they do not get committed into an asylum and soon.

Asali, Ibish, Zogby and many others like them, lost credibility with the Arab American community when they chose, and for a clear personal benefit, to side with the enemies of the Arab people, from Saudi Arabia to the United States. The millions they're getting from these enemies and are using on a daily basis to put down the Arab masses, their resistance groups and their hopes, has only a one purpose; to defeat us.

Their direct relationship with the US government(s), has not worked like the US wanted or they themselves hoped. No one person or state, regardless of how strong and rich they might be, can force injustice on our people. The One Secular Democratic State solution has been around way before Ibish could eat his first pancake. It did not advance because none of the powers in charge is interested a just solution, after all, they are the ones that created this problem, and we need to force our solution on them. Could Ibish or his co-conspirators explain how a two state solution is just or even feasible? Is it just because the Zionists are obeying the unjust partition of '48 or Camp David or Oslo or any of the 100's of UN resolutions? Or did they listen to the US governments, who give them billions yearly, against the US laws because they use these billions in continuing an illegal occupation of the land and its people?

Ibish and his anti-Arab freedom camp should know that we do not rely on the Kings and Presidents of the Arab Regimes or on the US governments to get us our right. The Arab masses believe beyond any doubt, that Palestine is the heart of the Arab World and that no one will rest until it's free from the river to the sea, and that it will be liberated sooner than later despite the stand that the traitor Arab Regimes and their supporters are taking. Ibish and company are situated in the camp that is not on our people's side, so we really do not pay any attention to what they say or do anymore. And that is one of the reasons why nobody can even hear the little noise Ibish and company are making.

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