Friday, 2 October 2009

How come , we called them "the Jews"



Jews, disembarking
to become Israelis

On your TV screen you will see, repeatedly ,
Arabs calling the Israelis : the Jews

I am certain that most of the Arabs , of all generations,
do know the difference between Jews and Israelis , by now,
but nevertheless they still use the term "Jews"
as a matter of habit , especially by the elder Palestinians.

What has happened ??

At the beginning of the 20Th Century , Arabs in general
and the Palestinians peculiarly , have seen the influx
of European-Jews into their Palestine... ......... .

Until May 1948 the term Israel and or Israelis
what not yet used ............ ..and those immigrants
whether legal or illegal were Jews
and thus they were logically called : " the Jews"
instead of the Polish,Ukrainian, Hungarian or the French.

Practically and until 1948 there was no reason to call them
Israelis or Israeli-citizens simply because there was no
State of Israel , as we later have noticed it quite well
and quite remorsefully, too.

Therefore ,
many Arabs still use the old term of the Jews
like most of the older Westerners still use the word "Icebox"
to say Refrigerator.

Incidentaly , I grew up in Beirut ,
where "Refugee" means Palestinian. .....

Have no fear !!
Arabs are rarely racists ,
and Arabs historically never ever harmed the Jews
until , our self defence struggles, which started in 1948.

So next time when you hear an Arab on TV ,cursing the Jews ,
you will trust me and understand that he simply means "Israelis".

Now , why do Arabs hate the Israelis ??
is another story
which is not at all difficult to explain !!!

Sherlock Hommos

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