Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Road to Gaza


Different ways to transport the goods to Gaza

Thousands of world activists are trying to reach Gaza
with about a thousand tons of humanitarian-emergency-goods.

There is a dilimma, here,  for the Masters of the game :

If those activist are forbidden to reach Gaza
it will prove that the Egyptian Regime is a dirty-dictatorship
and equally that it is an inhumane one......
and also that it qualifies for treason.

If they reach Gaza , somehow , it will remind to the world that
one and a half Million civilians were starved,deprived and besieged.
Which will reconfirm the nature of the Sate of Israel .

If it were a Hollywood film ,
then the happy ending would come

whereas Moses  succeeds in crossing the Sinai-desert ,
like those activists could do, and that Mubarak shall drawn in the Red-Sea
like his predecessors did .

But today Hollywood has less to say , or to do.....

so the end-scenario comes from Tel Aviv :

1- all activists must come via Israel and consume 3 nights 
    in Israeli hotels , restaurants and Taxis.

2- they may do their shopping only of Israeli-produced-humanitarian-goods

3- they may deposit those goods at the Gaza-Israel-borders only

    where a 14% export duties shall be paid and 16% V.A..T tax

    and a surplus of 32 % as transportation-fees.

4- once the goods reach inside Gaza , the priority  with the distribution

    shall be given to the informers of Israel , still stationed there.

The "happy end "

shall consist in the fact that Mubarak shall not drawn

and Netanyahu shall get the Nobel Peace Prize.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
customs-clearing-agent at Eretz.

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