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EDITOR’S PREFACE: The recent controversy surrounding the decision by Jason Kenney, Canada’s Conservative Immigration minister, to ban MP George Galloway from entering and speaking in Canada, and the fact that the Harper Conservatives were influenced into taking this position by a terrorist organization known as the Jewish Defense League whose spokesperson, Meir Weinstein, accused Galloway of being a threat to national security, has got to be one of the more grotesque examples of just how deeply embedded the occult forces of B’nai Brith Canada and its root organization B’nai Brith International have become in most, if not all, levels of Canadian government and jurisprudence.

The following article by now deceased American writer and broadcaster, Milton William Cooper, hopefully will draw attention to the clear and present danger posed by this organization; one that has, over the past half a century and more, infiltrated practically all levels of Canada’s political, religious, and social infrastructures, to the detriment of everything honourable that this country once stood for in the way of democratic rights.

Our once cherished freedoms, the envy of many other nations, which we held as secure and sacrosanct and protected and guaranteed under our Bill of Rights, Constitution, and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, not to mention even our innate, God-given right to such liberties, have all deteriorated to the point where now we find that proven, YES, PROVEN! terrorist groups, directly affiliated with B’nai Brith Canada, are dramatically influencing our federal government policies in ways which, prior to this infiltration, Canadians and their political leaders, would never have conceived possible nor desirable.

Cooper’s well-researched article, one of an 8-part series on the origins and agenda of this organization, will explain in great detail the connections between the Jewish Defense League, B’nai Brith International, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada (the organization now in the process of trying to shut down RadicalPress based upon their vexatious charge of “discrimination under Section 13 of the CHR Act) the Freemasons, and much much more. Be prepared to be shocked and disgusted and outraged at the depth of corruption now affecting not only the USA, but Canada as well, by alien forces both dark and inimical to our sovereignty as a free nation and to our rights to freedom of speech and Internet freedom to investigate and challenge these malign and sinister dangers.

Arthur Topham



William Cooper

May 6, 1943 - November 5, 2001

[Editor’s Note: William Cooper was murdered by police on November 5th, 2001 at the age of 58. He was an American writer, shortwave broadcaster who came into public awareness in the late 1980s. William was also a radio host, author and political activist known for his best-selling underground book titled Behold A Pale Horse and his worldwide shortwave radio show Hour of the Time. Cooper was also known for his court battle with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the recorded attempts to dissuade him from pursuing his case.

William Cooper founded Harvest Trust, the CAJI News Service, Veritas newspaper, The Intelligence Service, and Harvest Publications. Under his leadership Harvest Trust ventured into publishing. The first book under the Harvest Trust imprint was Oklahoma City: Day One (ISBN 0-9653307-1-0), by Michele Marie Moore about the Oklahoma City bombing.

An advocate for free radio, Cooper operated the unlicensed Independence Foundation Trust at 101.1 FM in Eagar, Arizona. Cooper claimed to have helped over 700 low power FM affiliate stations get equipped and on the air.

My belief is that Cooper was murdered by the Illuminati because of his work to expose the Beast to the public. This series of talks on B’nai Brith and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was part of his work to enlighten the public on who’s who behind the veil. Right at the beginning of this series he makes a comment about just such a scenario arising for many who did what he did. God willing he’ll be the last one to die for such efforts. Bless his soul.

The title of the series on is mine. Seeing as the ADL is but an offshoot of B’nai Brith and many people here in Canada think of this organization as B’nai Brith I’ve decided to use it in the title.]

The Unveiling of B’nai Brith

by William Cooper Part 4

Anti-Defamation League #4

Tape No. 386 “ADL #4″
June 29, 1994

This broadcast was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, and the Intelligence Service, and from reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled “The Ugly Truth About The ADL”, and “Dope Inc.”.

In December 1985, then-FBI Director William Webster, speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., admitted that a Jewish underground had emerged as a serious threat to the United States during the preceding twelve months.

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, he was partially right. For, over the course of 1985, the Jewish Defense League, known as the JDL, had been responsible for a string of sophisticated bombings that left two people dead, a dozen others seriously wounded, and caused millions of dollars in property damage.

Alex Odeh, the head of the California branch of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, or AADC, had been killed when a bomb went off at the group’s Santa Ana office. Seven other people had been hospitalized in the attack.

Shirem Subzukoff, a victim of the Justice Department’s Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations, or OSI, had also died when a booby-trap bomb blew up in his home in Patterson, New Jersey.

A Boston police officer, responding to a JDL bomb threat at the local office of AADC, was crippled for life when a pipe bomb blew up as he was attempting to defuse it.

Jewish underground? No.

Another terrorist arm of B’nai B’rith and the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League? Absolutely yes.

All controlled from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

In each of these instances, the bomb attacks had been preceded by noisy public demonstrations and inflammatory press statements by Mordechai Levy, the leader of a JDL splinter group, the Jewish Defense Organization, or JDO.

This man, Mordecai Levy, according to research,

is an extremely violent man.

Although FBI boss Webster left his National Press Club audience with the impression that the so-called Jewish underground was a mysterious and amorphous outfit about which the FBI had little information, in truth, the Bureau had an exhaustive profile of all of the key personnel and their mode of operation.

FBI agents on the scene of the Santa Ana, California murder of Alex Odeh knew the identities of the three men who planted the bomb before Odeh's body was even removed from the murder scene.

Sami Odeh holds up a rare photo of his slain brother Alex Odeh

You never knew any of this, did you?

The killers were long-time Jewish Defense League members Andy Green, Keith Fuchs, and Bob Manning. The American-born trio were residents of an Israeli kibbutz in the occupied territories called “Kiriat Arba”. Kiriat Arba was a training camp and safe-house for the JDL and its Israeli affiliate, the Kach Party.

The FBI, ladies and gentlemen, listed Fuchs, Green, and Manning as suspects in a total of 25 terrorist attacks inside the United States.

But you see, most of you sheeple never even knew that there had been terrorist attacks inside the United States

until a bomb went off in the World

Trade Center in New York City.

And then you knew about it only

because it furthered the cause of

world-wide Zionism, and it was blamed

upon a group of Arabs who had

direct ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Fuchs had been jailed in Israel in 1983 for firing a Soviet-made AK-47 rifle at a busload of Arabs on the West Bank. Manning had served time in jail in the United States for bombing the home of an Arab-American activist.

When the three JDL-ers arrived in Los Angeles several days before the Odeh murder, they were already under FBI surveillance. But, as so often happens with the FBI, they didn’t prevent anything.

It’s no wonder that FBI Director Webster was not anxious to discuss details with the room full of reporters at the National Press Club for, unlike this reporter on “The Hour of the Time”, he was afraid. The Bureau had been in a position to prevent the bombing of the Santa Ana AADC Office. And as they have in many, many instances, they either flubbed it, or allowed it to happen, because it furthered their own aims. Or worse.

At the same time that the Jewish underground was conducting its bombing spree from coast to coast, the FBI was relying increasingly on the ADL for information about extremist groups inside the United States of America. This was the same ADL that would join with the KGB ~ the KGB ~ and the East German Stasse in covering the trail of the assassins of Sweden’s Head of State, Olaf Palm, which we’ll cover. You can bet your boots we’ll cover it.

Even more to the point, this was the same ADL that was instrumental in the creation and deployment of such diverse terrorist groups as the JDL and, yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Ku Klux Klan.

How can they keep the Jews together

in their own created ghettos, to further

the political aims of international

socialism ~ also known as Zionism ~

if they don’t present the Jews with

a common enemy: all the rest of us? ~

Under the guise of the Ku Klux Klan,

the skinheads, the White Aryan Nation,


Oh, yes. You’re going to learn things tonight you never dreamed were happening in this country, the land of the free and the home of the brave. It turns out to be the Liars Club.

According to Robert Friedman, the biographer of JDL Founder Rabbi Mier Kahani, the militant Jewish group was controlled from its founding days by a secret three-person committee made up of future Israeli Prime Minister and Mossad Operations Chief Itsak Shmir and Israeli Parliamentarian Gala Cohen, and Brooklyn ADL Chairman, Bernard Duch, whom we’ve already discussed on earlier programs.

It was at a December 1969 meeting between Cohen and Kahani, arranged by Duch, that the JDL launched its campaign of terror and intimidation against Soviet diplomats in New York and Washington, aimed at forcing the Soviets to loosen up their immigration laws for Jews.

In the early days before JDL-head Kahani hooked up with mobster Joe Columbo and many JDL-ers began funding their terrorist operations by selling dope, or running syndicate shake-down operations, or performing hits through their Murder, Inc. branch, ADL man Duch had been the money bags behind the Jewish militants. Duch’s involvement with the JDL was such a well-kept secret that his Kahani-links remained virtually unknown until 1991.

Some of the nice men of Jewish organization Murder, Inc.

Just as the secret society, the branch of the Illuminati known as B’nai B’rith had quietly steered other Jewish American groups to smuggle arms into Russia on the eve of the Bolshevik revolution, the ADL ran the Jewish underground from behind the scenes, often going through the motions of publicly denouncing the JDL violence, to make sure that no direct links were ever surfaced.

And these Jews were used the same as Ollie North was used ~ by making them think that they were performing acts of patriotism, to protect the Jewish community as a whole, to further the security of the State of Israel.

Well, I want to ask you, if you are a Jew and you’re listening to this broadcast: if you put the State of Israel above the United States of America, go to Israel, and stay there. Live there. Fight there. And if you have to, die there. Make your dream come true there.

This is the United States of America. And if you’re an American, I don’t care what else you call yourself, you owe your allegiance to America, to the Constitution, and to the Bill of Rights.

You see, you’re being used to help this great nation ~ the only nation in your history that gave you sustenance, gave you protection, allowed you to prosper. You look around and you see antisemitism everywhere where it is not. It does not exist here. Except within less than 1/1000th of one percent of the population, it is negligible. But if you continue in the path that you are going, you will create a wave of antisemitism that will destroy you.

Mordechai Levy, the leader of the JDL splinter group that managed to show up on the doorsteps of Alex Odeh and Shirem Subzukoff on the eves of their assassinations, maintained direct and frequent contact with the ADL’s Fact-Finding Division Head, Irwin Sewell.

Just two weeks before the AADC’s Washington, D.C. office was blown up on November 29th, 1985, Levy had appeared as the featured speaker at a press conference hosted by the Federation of Jewish Organizations of Greater Washington, an umbrella group led by both the ADL and B’nai B’rith, to present a list of enemies of the Jewish people. AADC was among the groups listed.

On more than one occasion, Levy’s provocateur antics nearly exposed the ADL’s hand in fomenting domestic violence, ladies and gentlemen.

And here’s the truth of how these people operate. And here’s the truth of antisemitism in America. And here’s the truth of swastikas painted on synagogues and on the headstones in Jewish cemeteries. This is the truth, and you’d just better listen, and you’d better stop being afraid of these people. And you’d better stop being afraid of being called antisemitic. And you’d better, you’d better, point to these traitors, and these terrorists, and these scum, and call them what they are.

On February the 16th, 1979, Levy, using the pseudonym, James Gutman, filed an application with the United States Park Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to obtain permission to hold a rally.

Now remember, this is Levy using the pseudonym James Gutman ~ a German name. I wonder why he did that? Well, you’re going to find out.

The rally permit, ladies and gentlemen, sought by Levy ~ Levy: a member of the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, supposedly existing for the protection of Jews; the rally permit sought by Levy, also known as Gutman on this occasion ~ was not filed in the name of the JDL, which he was also a member of. Levy was posing as a leader of the American Nazi Party.

Levy was posing as a leader of

the American Nazi Party!

~ seeking a permit for a Ku Klux Klan

and Nazi Party rally at Independence Hall,

the site of the signing of the

Declaration of Independence.

Remember, I told you about the Hegelian Method of Political Conflict Resolution?

Remember, I told you there is no such thing as a Patriot Community?

Remember, I told you that these people who are bringing about the New World Order control both sides of every issue, indeed they create the issues?

According to the rally permit,

Levy was planning a white power rally

to show white masses unity of white race,

and to show the world niggers

and Jews are cowards.

Among the paraphernalia Levy listed on the application were:

“…swastikas, banners, Nazi uniforms, KKK paraphernalia, ‘will burn cross’, swastika picket signs saying: ‘Hitler was Right! Gas Commie Jews!’”

Verbatim quote.

Working out of the Philadelphia offices of the Jewish Defense League, Levy organized local chapters of the KKK–the Ku Klux Klan–and Neo-Nazi groups to attend the Independence Hall rally, and these racist fools ~ not knowing that he was a Jewish member of the ADL and the JDL ~ fell right into line and did his bidding, like the little puppet jerks that they are.

In the case of the Trenton, New Jersey Ku Klux Klan, Levy had an inside track. Listen to this: James Rosenberg ~ also known as Jimmy Mitchell and Jimmy Anderson, a full-time, paid employee of the Anti-Defamation League Fact-Finding Division ~ had successfully infiltrated the local chapter of the Klan. Rosenberg had recently attempted unsuccessfully to get some of the local KKK-ers to blow up the Trenton headquarters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, NAACP.

At the same time he was posing as James Gutman, Neo-Nazi, Levy was also mobilizing the Jewish community and every rag-tag, left-wing, socialist Nazi ~ and that’s exactly what they are, for Nazis are really a left-wing, ladies and gentlemen ~ radical group in the greater Philadelphia area to attend a mass demonstration to confront the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis at Independence Hall.

You see, if they all really knew the definition of these terms that they banter about, they’d join forces and they’d be a lot stronger. Oh, the world is full of fools. I sit back and I watch all of this, and I alternately laugh and cry, laugh and cry.

All the ingredients, ladies and gentlemen, were there for a serious, very serious, riot ~ a riot brought about in its entirety by the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish Defense League, organizing and manipulating both sides, filing for the permit, urging violence, attempting to get people to blow up a bridge.

But fortunately, ladies and gentlemen, this was one time, one time that word of Levy’s scam on the Park Service leaked out to the Philadelphia Press.

After one Philadelphia newspaper ran a banner headline saying, quote: “Nazi Rally Rouser Really Jewish” end quote ~ and you can check on it yourself, by the way ~ the Park Service yanked the permit.

Levy’s Anti-Defamation League handlers ordered him to lay low for a while. I wonder why? After all, there was no need to jeopardize Levy or even Rosenberg’s standing as professional agents provocateur inside the racist element of the 1/1000th of one percent of the population of this country who aren’t even half as dangerous as these ADL/JDL terrorist agents of a foreign nation, spying on American people, blowing up organizations and offices, and killing and maiming people in the United States of America. None of you even knew about it.

The ADL, of course, had plenty of other aces up their sleeves, and not all of them were Jewish infiltrators.







Of all the Jews in this country, only a handful belong.

One of the most shocking instances of racist violence during the civil rights battles in the south of the United States during the 1960s was the execution-style murders of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1964. And now, you’re going to hear what really happened.

The murders of Andrew Goodman, Robert Chaney, and Mitchell Schwerner sent shock waves across America and the world, as many people began to realize for the first time that the Confederacy, far from being dead, was very much alive and very much committed to rolling back the tide of equal rights for all races, at least in the deep south.

True to its historical roots in the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and in the original Confederate secessionist plot, the Anti-Defamation League, contrary to its own published propaganda ~ and that’s exactly what it is, propaganda ~ lined up squarely with the Klan, the Ku Klux Klan, where it counted the most: with its checkbook.

One particularly sordid instance of collusion between the Anti-Defamation League and the Ku Klux Klan came to light in a hail of bullets on the night of June 30th, 1968 in Meridian, Mississippi, outside the home of ADL official, Myer Davidson.

When the smoke cleared, a local school teacher named Kathy Ainsworth lay dead, and a second man, Thomas A. Terrence III lay dying after being hit with 70 bullets ~ 70 bullets, ladies and gentlemen ~ fired by 22 local police and FBI agents.

Shades of Waco!

Miraculously, Terrence survived the attack. Terrence and Ainsworth, both local Ku Klux Klan members, had been set up. They went to Davidson’s home, ladies and gentlemen, that night to plant a bomb on his door step, not knowing that the leader of their own Ku Klux Klan chapter had betrayed them, and that a small army of police and FBI sharp-shooters was waiting in the bushes to ambush them.

The entire affair, ladies and gentlemen, had been staged by the Anti-Defamation League. That’s right. The entire affair had been staged by the Anti-Defamation League.

The agent provocateur inside the local Ku Klux Klan Chapter who set up Terrence and Ainsworth was one of the killers of Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner.

Alton Wayne Roberts was out on bail awaiting his trial, along with six other members of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, for the Philadelphia, Mississippi murders, when in the early spring of 1968 he cut a deal with the Anti-Defamation League’s Regional Director, Adolf Botnick.

Guy Bannister of JFK assassination infamy

The New Orleans-based Botnick had been a long-standing friend of the late Guy Banister. Guy Bannister ~ Kennedy assassination ~ the former FBI Special Agent implicated by District Attorney Jim Garrison in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Botnick, with the blessings of Meridian-based FBI Special Agent Frank Watts and Meridian Police Detective Luke Scarborough, agreed to pay Alton Wayne Roberts and his brother, Raymond Roberts, $69,000 to become the League’s paid agents provocateur. Twenty-five thousand dollars in unmarked twenty-dollar bills was hand-delivered from New Orleans to the Roberts brothers just days before the Ainsworth/Terrence ambush.

At the time the deal was struck, the White Knights, led by the two Roberts brothers, had been on a nine-month bombing spree ~ nine-month bombing spree. The brothers were prime suspects in ten separate acts of racist violence. In addition to the Philadelphia murders, three of these attacks were directed against synagogues and Jewish leaders in Mississippi.

Do you understand, folks, it’s not the Jews!

The Jews are being lied to.

They’re being manipulated just like all of you are.

Are you beginning to understand how it works?

Three of these attacks were directed against synagogues and Jewish leaders in Mississippi. And they huddled in their little self-made ghettos, and pointed their fingers at the community ~ had nothing to do with it ~ and yelled, “Anti-semitism! The Nazis are coming to get us!”

And you’re so proud of your level of education. You should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you.

The Roberts brothers, as per their deal with Botnick, ordered two of their Klan underlings to deliver the bomb to Davidson’s home. They then tipped off the FBI and the local police about the exact time the attack would occur.

In return for their continuing services to the ADL after the Davidson incident, the brothers were given slap-on-the-wrist sentences and placed in the FBI’s Witness Protection Program.

Alton Wayne Roberts

And for his part in the Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner murders, Alton Wayne Roberts spent less than three years in jail, and is again very active with you-know-who. (Roberts has died since the first airing of this series by Cooper)

The Meridian incident was classic Anti-Defamation League; classic Hegelian Conflict Method of Political Resolution. The League used the racist attack against Meyer Davidson as a scare tactic fund-raising ploy, and the Jews filled their coffers ~ emptied their pockets ~ and asked the same people who had attacked them to protect them, using their own money.

The money they raised more than covered the costs of buying up the two KKK-ers as their permanent agents provocateur inside the Klan.

The League parlayed their financing of the Roberts brothers into an ever-closer relationship with the FBI, which was delighted to have the ADL finance and deploy two of the Klan’s most violent terrorists.

When you begin, when you begin to study the Waco massacre, you will find that David Koresh spent time in Israel, that he and some of his followers were trained by the JDL in infantry tactics, that he attended classes on the Talmud, that he was surrounded by Mossad and ADL agents and JDL personnel.

You will find that original reports from the foreign source quoted in the first press report, that they were going to commit mass suicide, came from prominent ADL members in Australia.

You people better wake up, and you’d better do it fast.

“Koresh”, in the Hebrew language, means “Cyrus”. “David”, of course… the House of David, the famous king of Israel. Cyrus was the one who freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity. David Koresh flew the star of David on the flag pole above what was called Mount Carmel. He claimed that he held the keys to the seven seals in the Book of Revelation.

Poor, brainwashed, mind-controlled, manipulated David Koresh.

David Koresh

On the day in November 1985 that Israel spy, Jonathan J. Pollard was arrested, things went haywire at the Anti-Defamation League’s headquarters near United Nations Plaza in New York City.

Jonathan J. Pollard

National Chairman Kenneth Bailken immediately flew off to Israel to assess the damage and to make arrangements for the appropriate American attorneys to be brought in to represent, not only the jailed spy, but the other more senior players in the nominally-Israeli spy ring.

Were you aware that the headquarters of

B’nai B’rith and the ADL is in the same building

occupied by the Trilateral Commission?

Among the most important of those senior players was Col. Aviam Sella, an Israeli Air Force war hero, who had been Pollard’s recruiter on behalf of the secret Israeli techno-spy unit ~ L’Akim.

Sella’s cover for his spy recruiting was that he was in the United States taking graduate courses at New York University. And Sella’s wife, Ruth, a practicing attorney, reportedly was working on the staff of the ADL’s Legal Department while the couple lived in New York.

Any published links between the ADL and the Pollard spy apparatus could naturally prove very, very damaging, especially in light of the cozy relationship the League was enjoying with the Reagan White House at the time.

You see, while still in Israel, Bailken telephoned fellow ADL man Leonard Garment of the politically powerful law firm of Dickstein Shapiro. Garment was then the personal lawyer for United States Attorney General Edwin Meese. He agreed, at Bailken’s urging, to represent Sella in the Pollard matter, despite the obvious severe conflict of interest.

What an understatement!

At the ADL’s Washington office, Myra Lansky-Bolland ~ Myra Lansky-Bolland ~ was also undoubtedly worried that her own links to Pollard might surface.

Lanksy-Bolland had been a classmate and pal of Pollard at the graduate school program and national security affairs at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy of Tufts University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Upon graduation in 1978, both Lansky and Pollard had been immediately placed into sensitive posts in the United States intelligence community. Pollard had gone into Naval Intelligence ~ my old alma mater ~ and had almost immediately begun funneling secrets to Israel.

Lansky-Bolland had gone to work for the Central Intelligence Agency, and after a two-year stint with the CIA, she had transferred to the Pentagon where she worked under Dr. Andrew Marshall at the Office of Net Assessments ~ a little-known but very, very powerful unit that prepared technical assessments of Soviet military capabilities.

In 1982, Lansky had left the government to work full-time for the ADL in Washington.

Now, don’t even believe that she ever left anything.

Shortly after her arrival at the ADL from the Pentagon, she was assigned as the case officer on the League’s multi-million dollar campaign to smear and jail Lyndon LaRouche and scores of his associates for naming the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, B’nai B’rith, and the ADL in the attempts to destroy the United States of America.

Lyndon LaRouche

Now, don’t get me wrong, folks. I am not for Lyndon LaRouche. He is a screaming socialist himself, masquerading as a conservative. But nevertheless, he has brought out a lot of truth about a lot of things, and he was framed and wrongfully imprisoned ~ all brought about by the ADL.

Andrew Marshall, the strategist behind the Neocons

Following the Pollard arrest, Andrew Marshall would be identified, ladies and gentlemen, as a suspected senior member of the Pollard spy ring, although no charges were ever brought against him, and he remains to this day in his post at the Defense Department.

To this day, Pentagon officials have never succeeded in pinning down the identity of the Mr. X who gave Pollard the code numbers of the classified documents that the Naval Intelligence analyst then stole and passed on to L’Akim.

Professor Yuri Ra’anahn, uber spy for Mossad, CIA, M15,

playing all odds against the middle

Both Pollard and Lansky had gotten their government spy jobs courtesy of Fletcher School Professor Yuri Ra’anahn. Ra’anahn, an Oxford University-trained Middle East expert, had himself been an Israeli government intelligence operative of the Mossad, posted in New York City and Washington during the 1950s and ’60s, and also an operative of British intelligence. He was playing all ends against the middle.

While serving as a press attache at the Israeli embassy in Washington in the mid-1960s, Ra’anahn had helped set up a unit that would recruit Israeli spies from the ranks of American businessmen traveling frequently to the Soviet Union and eastern Europe. That spy unit, which was unearthed in a series of civil suits beginning in 1967 ~ all on record, was housed at the headquarters of the B’nai B’rith International.

Ra’anahn’s contact point inside the B’nai B’rith was Phillip Klutznick, an Honorary National Chairman of the ADL who would later serve as President Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of Commerce.

Among the damage-control efforts launched by the ADL in the wake of the Pollard arrest was the planting of a string of news accounts and editorials portraying Pollard as a loyal American who was also committed to the security of the State of Israel.

No such thing, folks. A loyal American is devoted to the United States of America. Citizens of the State of Israel are devoted to the State of Israel, and stupid fools who are allowed to be manipulated, thinking that they owe allegiance to both.

I have nothing against Israel. But Israel needs to take off its diaper and stand on its own two feet.

“Harmless, friendly espionage” was the term coined by the League and its small army of paid-agents inside the news media.


Raphael "Dirty Raffi" Ietan

Unfortunately, Pollard’s spying was anything but harmless or friendly. The L’Akim unit, headed by the former Chief of European Operations for the Mossad, Raphael “Dirty Raffi” Itan, was passing on the most sensitive of the American national security secrets heisted by Pollard to the Soviet KGB. In return, Moscow was opening up the pipeline of Soviet Jews to Israel.

It was treachery of the highest order.

And then Secretary of Defense Casper Weinburger was fully aware of the magnitude of Pollard’s crimes when he asked the judge to sentence Pollard to life in prison after the spy agreed to plead guilty.

He should have been executed.

In a 46-page affidavit submitted to the judge in the Pollard case, Weinburger showed that much of the Pollard material wound up in Soviet hands, and that it would cost the United States billions of dollars to repair the national security damage done by the Pollard spy ring.

The ADL is not a friend

of the United States of America.

The JDL is not a friend

of the United States of America.

B’nai B’rith is not a friend

of the United States of America.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is not

a friend of the United States of America.

Israel is not a friend

of the United States of America.

In fact, ladies and gentlemen, the millions of pages of classified documents funneled by Pollard to the KGB, a majority were of no critical interest to Israel at all.

Did Kenneth Bailken, or Myra Lansky-Bolland, or any of the other ADL officials who abetted Pollard in his spy work know that the pilfered material was going to the KGB?

The answer to that question has never been made public to this day. Only the players in the espionage operation know for sure. But I believe that they knew 100% what was happening and where it was going every single moment, that they were a part of it.

And remember, folks, they organized it. They put it together, and they controlled it.

It is unquestionably the case that, at the same time the ADL was knee-deep in the Pollard stew, top ADL officials were working hand-in-glove with the Soviet bloc intelligence services on several other projects that would have devastating consequences for the United States of America.

You see, the ADL are traitors, murderers, terrorists, and scum. It has nothing to do with Jews. They use Jews. And they use you because you’re so afraid of being called antisemitic if you tell the truth about these scumbags. You quiver just thinking about somebody calling you antisemitic.

Well, take it from me, folks, it don’t hurt at all. Not at all. I’ve never been antisemitic in my life, but in their efforts to shut me up, they have tried on several occasions to brand me as an antisemite, and it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t shut me up, and I’m not afraid of them.

And if I end up dead, I’ve already told you what to do. You take my dead cold body and you place it up on the steps of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction in Washington, D.C., and then you burn it to the ground. And then you do the same to B’nai B’rith and all the other lodges of these scumbag traitors in this country. If I turn up dead, you do that. It’s the only thing I’ll ever ask of you except to wake up.

Edgar Bronfman Sr.

One such ADL friend of Moscow was whiskey baron Edgar Bronfman. Edgar Bronfman. Remember, we discussed him on an earlier episode of the ADL expose. The third-generation Bronfmans had successfully transformed their father’s Prohibition Era bootlegging business into a legitimate whiskey empire called Seagrams.

And every time you take a drink of Seagrams, no matter what it is, you are furthering the goals of B’nai B’rith, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the ADL; and you’re helping to destroy this country. Don’t drink anything that Seagrams bottles ever.

This transformation, ladies and gentlemen, had been aided early on by the United States Treasury Department, which cut a deal with Sam and Abe Bronfman in the close of Prohibition, enabling them to pay several million dollars in back taxes in return for a white-washing of their decade of big-time crimes.

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Claire Prophet

See, they used it as blackmail, just as they caused Elizabeth Claire Prophet and the Church Universal Triumphant to get down on their knees and beg for mercy and give up their guns. All their guns. Personal guns. Guns of all the members had to be given away. They sold out. They sold America down the tubes. They sold out the Second Amendment.

And the Treasury Department cut a deal and made sure the Sam and Abe Bronfman didn’t go to jail if they paid several million dollars in back taxes and made them legitimate crooks. The Bronfman family came out of the deal as multi-millionaires, with all their ties to the Lansky syndicate still intact, and their criminal record behind them, because they made a deal with the same people that were bowing down to the fire in Waco, Texas.

Abner Longee Zwilmann was not the only Prohibition Era gangster who profited from the old saw: “from rags to rackets to riches to respectability”. By the 1950s, the Bronfman’s image had been so cleaned up that Edgar could marry into the “Our Crowd” Loeb family, and his sister Phyllis could marry Gene Lambert of the Belgian branch of the Rothschild clan.

The Lambert family was the European connection in Drexel Burnham Lambert. Ever hear of that? Drexel Burnham Lambert?

However, image polishing is one thing; reality is another. You see, as late as 1972, the Montreal Canada Crime Commission had issued a report naming Mitchell Bronfman as a crime partner of one of the city’s biggest gangsters, Willie Obrunt. The pair were implicated in dope smuggling. Willie and Mitchell owned a night spot in the middle of Meyer Lansky’s turf in North Miami called The Pagoda North, which was a favorite hangout for Vido Genovese and other big-time hoodlums.

Edgar Bronfman, for his part, sought out some very peculiar clientele for his family’s whiskey business. In 1986, as the Pollard affair was playing out, one of Edgar Bronfman’s assistants at the World Jewish Congress ~ Bronfman had taken over the World Jewish Congress and turned it into an international arm of the ADL ~ that’s the ADL, on whose National Commission he sits ~ and established ties to the brutal Communist regime in East Germany. Bronfman Seagram was made the exclusive distributor of booze to East Germany’s ruling SED Communist Party.

In 1988, Edgar Bronfman himself traveled to East Berlin where he was the guest of honor of SED boss Erich Honecker and top party official Herman Axen.

It makes me sick. I don’t know about you.

On that trip, Bronfman vowed that he would personally arrange for the East German leader to make a state visit to Washington, D.C. to meet with President Ronald Reagan.

Even one year later, with the Berlin Wall and East German Communism about to collapse, Edgar Bronfman was back in East Germany again ~ this time promising to marshal the resources of the World Jewish Congress and the ADL to block the reunification of Germany which he dubbed a sell-out of socialism.

And that is the truth of the ADL, the B’nai B’rith, and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Socialism. And that’s where this country is going on a roller coaster, unless you stupid sheeple stand up on your hind feet, take the wool off from in front of your eyes, and become real people.

In return for those efforts, Bronfman was given the highest civilian award offered by East Germany: the People’s Friendship Medal in Gold to this traitor.

Edgar’s brother and business partner, Charles, was also a true friend of the Honecker dictatorship as the head of the Canadian-East German Friendship Society. He was able to control all passports and visas between the two countries.

But there was much more to the Bronfman East Germany liaison than a lucrative whiskey contract and a few medals, and we’ll talk about that tomorrow night.

Good night. And God bless you all.

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Anal-ysis: "Celebrate, Habila Gets More Mics, so Hamas "Wins"!!! "

Anal-ysis: "Celebrate, Habila Gets More Mics, so Hamas "Wins"!!! "

Haneyya: Foreign intervention impedes inter-Palestinian agreement

[ 18/04/2009 - 08:25 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA government in Gaza Strip, has opined that foreign intervention and pressures were blocking an inter-Palestinian conciliation agreement despite covering major strides in overcoming differences.

Haneyya, speaking to reporters after his first Friday Khutba (sermon) after the Israeli war on Gaza, warned that Israel was trying to drive a wedge between the Arab countries and resistance movements.

He said, "We respect the stability, sovereignty and security of the Arab countries because their security is ours. But also resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon and other countries should be respected by our Arab countries."

The case between Egypt and Lebanese Hizbullah party should not affect the support for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in particular, the premier elaborated.

He said that the Hizbullah case should be dealt with swiftly through political and diplomatic means and all attention should focus on the major issues such as the Jewish desecration of the Aqsa Mosque and growing attempts to judaize occupied Jerusalem.

Egypt accused Hizbullah of sending its elements to its territory to smuggle weapons into Gaza and to carry out violent acts in Egyptian territory. Hizbullah said that it was sending money and assistance to Gaza but denied planning violent acts in Egypt.

Haneyya described Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that the Palestinians should recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" in order to discuss the two-state solution as "Zionist paroxysm".

Tony playing piano in yankeeville

"The average Palestinian knows that most of the Arab regimes are the enemy, so why does Hamas pretend otherwise? Giving political cover to all of these puppets who will betray the Palestinians is an act of betrayal on the part of Hamas itself.

# posted by Tony : 7:35 AM"


Palestinian "Resistance" of the Mics.....
Celebrate, Habila Gets More Mics, so Hamas "Wins"!!!

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A great comment on Tony Plays

You know what?I am SICK AND TIRED of your bullshit.

Living in yankeeville and abusing the PALESTINIANS who haven't been "lucky" enough to SCAMPER away like


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They Waltz Like This with Bashir...

Link By sunbula

My friend from the Occupied Golan Heights just published his own review of Waltz with Bashir in al-Quds al-Arabi a few days ago. Here is my translation of it:

On the Israeli Film “Waltz with Bashir”: What Fault is it of these Poor Horses that are Dying?

Salim Abu Jabal

The only thing that can make an Israeli director search for his place as a soldier in the Sabra and Shatila massacre is to make a film in which he narrates his own personal story as a soldier. In the case of Ari Folman, he is aiming for more – to recover his memory by jogging it with pictures of killing! Waltz With Bashir is a documentary film made with animation techniques; it is also a personal film in which the director tries to recover his lost memory from the days of his participation in the war on Lebanon in 1982. For this sake, Folman speaks with his buddies one by one, bringing the viewer as close to them as possible, as they enter Lebanese territory on the first day on their tanks singing “Good Morning, Lebanon”.

The film begins with a nightmare dreamt by the soldier Boaz, in which he sees 26 dogs that he had killed in Lebanese villages. This prompts Folman to recall where he was when the Sabra and Shatila massacre happened, and for some reason, he is unable!

Who killed Bashir Gemayel?

Punishing Palestinian civilians in the refugee camps with the excuse of avenging the murder of Bashir Gemayel is certainly a criminal act, but the facts indicate that the perpetrator was not Palestinian. Habib al-Shartuni was apprehended just two days after carrying out the operation, and confessed that he had wanted to punish the Lebanese President – in Gemayel’s case, that meant a death sentence. Because Lebanon in that period was not in a state of centralized rule that would permit justice to take its course, and because Gemayel was so powerful that he could not be punished, Shartuni, a member of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, executed Gemayel by blowing up his office on the third floor of the Phalange Party headquarters that were in the same building. He supported his actions with Article 274 of the Lebanese Penal Code, which stipulates the death sentence for anyone who collaborates with a foreign power to disturb Lebanese internal security. Shartuni was apprehended in and remained in custody without trial in the Baabda Palace until the beginning of the nineties.

Those Responsible for the Massacre

In his film, Folman brings into question the role of the Israeli army in the massacre, making it seem a moral issue. But in truth, his questions lead to a single conclusion, namely, that the Christian militias, as he calls them, bear the primary responsibility, and that it was only possible for the army occupying Lebanese territory to stop the massacre after 36 hours.

The Israeli role in the massacre provoked debate for unclear reasons, as if its carrying out at the hands of the Lebanese Forces could even have occurred if not for the occupation of Lebanon and the protection and nurturing of the Israeli army. So who holds the higher number in the death toll? Let it be a fair competition and let the judges be neutral and we will not get upset if Israel wins fair and square!

Actually, the Lebanese and Palestinian civilian victims of the Israeli army far outnumber the victims of the Sabra and Shatila massacre. The principal aim of the invasion of Lebanon was to expel the Palestinians, one that Israel and the Lebanese Forces shared. This explains the joint planning between the two sides, as confirmed by testimonies of Forces members in the film Massacre directed by the German Monika Bergman.

Massacre by Monika Bergman

In her film, Bergman interviewed a group of LF members who participated in carrying out the Sabra and Shatila massacre. The film presents an ugly picture of the slaughter, its perpetrators and their relationship to Israel. The testimonies make clear Israel’s involvement in the operation from the stage of planning to execution. One of them speaks about the training camps in Haifa and Eilat for an LF group years before the war: “We arrived in Haifa from the sea during the afternoon, we got off on land, group after group…we looked around, we couldn’t believe it! We were in Israel!”

In another testimony, the Israeli complicity in the slaughter seems evident, from his description of how it started: “We had arrived at 6pm, a little before sunset, while Elie Hobeika was meeting with some Israeli officers in a nearby building. We were certain that the Palestinians had killed Bashir Gemayel and we wanted to avenge his death…we wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth.” Another person says in his testimony: “We were seething…an Israeli called Shlomo – I can still recall him uptil now – came and asked us to accompany him to Sabra and Shatila.” Another LF Officer says: “On September 16 [1982], an order reached our base, weapons and ammunition were given to my men and Israeli cars were put under our bidding.”

After the murder of defenseless Palestinian refugees carried out in the refugee camps, the LF had to carry the corpses in trucks and dump them far away. Another group was dumping corpses in a large well, or putting them in bags and sprinkling chemicals on them and then burying them in the dirt. Bergman asks one of them: “Where did you get the bags from?” He answers: “The Jews brought them…they said we would need them. They prepared everything…they had thought of all the details.”

Folman in the Reserves

In this film, Israeli cinema once again repeats the discourse of the soldier as the victim of the wars he wages. The Nazi Holocaust should not be absent from our minds – it is on screen. Folman’s psychotherapist friend tells him: “For you this massacre is linked to another one, that of your family in Auschwitz” – another confirmation that the Israeli soldier is a victim of his own wars.

Folman follows the same path that justifies the Israeli military’s crimes - the blame for committing the massacres falls on that damn Nazi Holocaust!

In the commentary accompanying the film, Folman says: “I don’t think the human mind can believe that there are people murdering families for no reason just meters away from you!” Then, at another point, he says: “I don’t understand the point of wars being waged and people fighting each other over a piece of land.”

Put simply, this is an antiwar stance, a noble humanitarian stance, but it is also extremely vile in its neutrality and two-facedness, especially when we know that Folman remained a reservist in the Israeli army, writing scripts for its propaganda films until a few years ago.

The Israeli Soldier as a Victim of His Own Wars

One of the soldiers in the film, whose job was to take photographs, sorrowfully describes a scene in Beirut in which horses die: “What fault is it of these horses that they should have to die in the wars of humans?” Another confirmation of the pills of neutrality that the film tries to make the viewer swallow…

Waltz with Bashir can be added to the list of films that serve to beautify the offensive face of Israel. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has proudly adopted it and Folman boasts in interviews that Israeli ambassadors have received him everywhere he has gone to screen the film.

Folman did not condemn the recent war on Gaza when he was on various podiums to receive his prizes. It is clear that he has not stepped out of the consensus on killing Arabs from the time of Deir Yassin until Rafah. Given this, Waltz with Bashir is another film in the same apparatus that sees the Arab either though camera lenses or the barrels of guns; the same apparatus that justifies the crimes Israel commits, relying on the soldier’s lost memory and military’s selective memory. Without doubt, these are Israeli characteristics par excellence!

Salim Abu Jabal is a critic from the occupied Golan Heights, residing in Haifa.