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Abu Zuhri: Nablus massacre necessitates unleashing resistance


[ 21/03/2010 - 03:14 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said that the Israeli massacre in Nablus that left four Palestinian citizens killed in 24 hours reflected the bloody nature of the occupation.

Abu Zuhri told the PIC on Sunday that the crime also displayed that the PA in Ramallah was not performing its duty in providing security and protection for the Palestinian people in the West Bank.

The spokesman said that the massacre and the absent security role of the Ramallah authority necessitated unleashing resistance to confront such aggressions and provide security and protection for the Palestinian people.

He urged the West Bank people to escalate their uprising against the Israeli occupation's crimes.

Israeli occupation forces killed four Palestinian teens in Nablus after directly firing at them in separate incidents.

Israeli Soldiers Kill Four Palestinians in Nablus over Weekend

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by Naji Al Ali
Israeli Soldiers Kill Four Palestinians in Nablus over Weekend; Abbas Condemns
Al Manar
21/03/2010 Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas slammed Israel’s killings in Nablus over the weekend saying “Israel answers diplomacy with killings,” his spokesman quoted him as saying.
“The Israeli escalation and the killing of Palestinians on a daily basis is the actual response of the Israeli government to the Palestinians, the Arabs and to American (peace) efforts, and an answer to the Quartet’s statement,” Nabil Abu Rdeina quoted Abbas as saying.
This came after Israeli occupation soldiers shot and killed two Palestinians Sunday at an army check post near the northern West Bank city of Nablus. An occupation spokeswoman claimed that both men tried to stab a soldier.
“Two Palestinians were killed after attempting to stab a soldier on patrol near Awarta, southeast of Nablus. Other soldiers opened fire at the attackers, killing them,” the spokeswoman told AFP.
However, she did not say whether the soldier who allegedly came under attack was hit by the soldiers.
There was no immediate confirmation from the Palestinian side.
The latest deaths bring to four the number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank at the weekend, all in the Nablus area.
A 19-year-old Palestinian also died on Sunday of wounds sustained one day earlier when Israeli occupation forces opened fire on demonstrators south of Nablus.
Oseyd Abd al-Nasser Kadus was hit in the midriff by a “rubber-coated bullet “and was taken to the hospital in Nablus, where he had been listed in critical condition.
Another youth, Ibrahim Abd al-Khader Kadus, 16, died Saturday after being hit in the heart by a “rubber-coated bullet” fired by occupation troops.
Palestinians maintain that the two teenagers were hit by live ammunition and that the soldiers prevented Palestinian medical staff from evacuating them. The two teenagers were subsequently rushed to the hospital in private cars.
The Israeli military denied using live ammunition, however, the human rights group B’Tselem, which sent an investigator to the hospital in Nablus, confirmed that both casualties were the result of live rounds.
The two martyrs were wounded when Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinian demonstrators who were defending their families and properties from settler gangs attacking their village.
The head of the local village council, Abd al-Rahim Kadus, told Haaretz that every Saturday settlers come to the village, attack the locals and destroy property, leading to clashes with the Palestinians.
Two Palestinians were killed, some 15 others were wounded, while not one settler was arrested.
IOF kill two more Palestinian teenagers
GAZA, (PIC)– IOF troops killed on Sunday afternoon two Palestinian teenagers near the Yitmar settlement to the south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, as confirmed by Palestinian medical sources.
Local sources said that bodies of the two martyrs, Salah Quarik (18) and Muhammad Quarik (19) were recovered by a red crescent ambulance but the IOF detained the ambulance at the military roadblock where they were killed.
Israeli radio claimed the two youth intended to attack IOF soldiers at the Hawwara roadblock, but eyewitnesses said the two youth had farming equipment and were on their way to work in the fields.
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