Friday, 26 March 2010

Hezbollah Praises Assad's Frank Statements, Wise Vision



Hezbollah praised on Thursday Syrian President Bachar Assad's wise vision as well as his firm and frank statements.

In a statement it released to comment Assad's interview with Al-Manar Television, Hezbollah said that the Syrian President emerged in this interview as a prominent Arab leader.

"His statements presented a very accurate description of the last stage we passed through in Lebanon and the region," the statement read. "Assad was also clear in his vision of the Lebanese-Syrian relations as well as in Damascus relations with the various Lebanese groups and factions."

Hezbollah thanked the Syrian President for his support for the nation's causes, at the top of which is the Palestinian central cause as well as Al-Aqsa mosque. "These stances show his clear vision and strategic sight concerning the path of the conflict in the region."

The Resistance party expressed, meanwhile, its full confidence in the originality and authenticity of the stances of President Assad, pointing to the latter's deep commitment to the fair and just causes of the Arabs and Muslims.

Hezbollah concluded its statement by highly valuing the Syrian President's permanent support for the Resistance movements in the region, pointing to the "fruits" of this support varying between victories, dignity, pride and invincibility for the whole nation.

During his interview with Al-Manar on Wednesday, Assad said that Damascus stands ready if "war is imposed" by Israel as regional tensions rise and hopes for peace fade. "We are faced with an enemy that has shown until this day that it understands nothing but the language of force, and it seems that peace in the region is not in the horizon," Assad said.

Assad said the current tension, which he described as a "state of no-war, no-peace," would inevitably lead to either war or peace. "Do we have any hope in the Israeli government? No. But we do believe that Israel is left with no choice but peace," he said. "But when war is imposed on you, you wage that war irrespective of the balance of power," he added.

The Syrian President said he was trying to build a good relationship with Premier Saad Hariri and expressed support for his Lebanese counterpart Michel Sleiman. "PM Saad Hariri is now the head of a national consensus government. We wish the Lebanese government and its leader success in its difficult mission. Hariri and I are trying to build a good personal relationship," he added. "We support the presidency and consequently the president," he said, adding that support for President Michel Sleiman was the same as Damascus' backing for former heads of state Elias Hrawi and Emile Lahoud."

Sleiman, Hariri, Jumblatt 'Satisfied' with Assad's Interview


Less than 24 hours on the exclusive interview of Syrian President Bachar Assad with Al-Manar, the first "impressions" seem to be more than positive in Lebanon…

The head of the Democratic Gathering MP Walid Jumblatt, believed to be the "hero" of the interview, seemed to be "satisfied" with its content.

Speaking to Al-Manar, Jumblatt praised the content of the interview and hailed the Syrian President's stances regarding the various topics and causes, pointing to his stance on the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as his call to follow up the resolutions of the Arab Summits at all levels.

Asked about Assad's statements concerning the reconciliation with Jumblatt, the Progressive Socialist Party leader said that the important thing is that the page of the past ended. "Assad's stances in this regard are not new, this is his heritage and patrimony," Jumblatt said, adding that the relation with Assad passes through the gate of safeguarding dignities. "When I'll visit Damascus, we'll have a lot to say and discuss," Jumblatt said.

Asked about the date of the visit, Jumblatt joined Assad in stressing that the whole file was in the hands of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah and thanked the latter for the efforts he paid and is still paying in this regard. "Most probably, the visit will take place following the Arab Summit," he said.

According to Jumblatt, Assad reiterated during his interview with Al-Manar a series of important principles: the Arab initiative, the relation with Lebanon regardless of the Lebanese details. "Assad emphasized that a calm and stable Lebanon is a Syrian interest and that such Lebanon helps in removing all tensions and obstacles," he pointed out.

For his part, President Michel Sleiman felt relaxed and satisfied following the interview, his sources told Al-Manar, adding that Assad's stances were very positive. The sources noted that the contacts between Sleiman and Assad were actually ongoing.

The sources of Prime Minister Saad Hariri also pointed to the positivity of the Syrian President's stances delivered during his interview with Al-Manar. The sources said that a new and good approach was shown in his stances, stressing that the PM was dealing with Syria with the same spirit.

Meanwhile, Al-Manar was informed by presidential sources that serious efforts were taking place to organize a visit of the leader of the Tawheed movement former minister Wiam Wahhab to the Baabda Presidential Palace for a meeting with President Michel Sleiman.

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