Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Netanyahu Strikes Against Petraeus and Palestine


The shock and awe against General Petraeus has begun:

In the eyes of these fanatics, we are you and you are us. To them, the only difference is that you are big and we are small, you are the Great Satan and we are the Little Satan. This fanaticism’s hatred of Western civilization predates Israel’s establishment by over one thousand years. Militant Islam does not hate the West because of Israel. It hates Israel because of the West, because it sees Israel as an outpost of freedom that prevents them from overrunning the Middle East. When Israel stands against its enemies, it stands against America’s enemies. ( source)
Looking at the larger history of Islam, we can't miss periods of Islamic Jihad. But we also see bloody Christian Crusades. The Bible is testimony of massacres against non Jews by Jews. Not one of the Bible based religions is exempt from blood thirst and I don't see evidence that any of these religions have stopped treading the war path today. Infact, Netanyahu himself invoked Amalek not long ago. Talk about fanaticism!

Petreaus said something extremely potent- Israel is a threat to U.S. interests. It endangers the lives of American troops. The truth. What do Zionists do with the truth? They subvert it or shroud it with irrelevant arguments. They "correct" they say. All of this is about evasion.

Netanyahus statement equates militant Islam to the Palestinian struggle for freedom. If militant Islam is the enemy, then Palestinians are also the enemy and not only equally fanatical, but with no valid cause. The freedom struggle then becomes solely about Islamic extremism.

It should be clear that the Palestinian quest is for democracy. Democracy being a product of "western civilization" it would be rather difficult to say that Palestinians hate what they fight for- the best of what western civilization has to offer. When we look at the democracy model, you can believe that we don't look to Israel, not out of bias but because we know that Zionism is not a democracy.

Palestine is not the enemy of the U.S. Palestinians are angry at U.S. bias, yet we trust in and engage with the United States. We do not insult, humiliate or threaten the American people or Western civilization as a whole. We do not endanger the lives of American children by orchestrating and lobbying for unnecessary wars. Palestine does not take an enemy role in the War on Terror. Factions within Palestine are not exempt from this argument. These factions would most likely not hate the U.S but for Israel. For all intents and purposes, Palestinians can be more American than Americans in our blind faith that the U.S will save us some day.

Further, as to the War On Terror, it happens that Israel predates this war by approximately 50 years or so. Feel free to do the math for a more precise number. If we are dating things, lets date them in context rather than turning back to ancient religious history.

Netanyahu speaks of Satan and he speaks like Satan too. He speaks lies as truth and truth as lies. This does not change facts.
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Netanyahu Strikes Against Petraeus and Palestine
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