Friday, 16 April 2010

Serving Two Masters

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Not to outdone by the House, the U.S. Senate has 76 members sign an AIPAC approved letter to Secretary of the State of War Hillary Clinton to "to reaffirm the unbreakable bonds that tie the United States and Israel together."

The glue that holds the 'bonds' together is money, threats and blackmail. Few will dare to rock the zionist boat for fear of being thrown overboard.

Why wasn't it 100%? Well, a few always get a pass with a wink and a nod so as not to give the appearance of total subservience to the foreign agents of AIPAC and Israel. John Kerry didn't sign but there's little doubt as to his dual loyalties. Senator Feinstein is not on the list but you can be sure she was probably just unavailable as she is a staunch Zionist and war profiteer.

Congress is also being whipped into a contrived frenzy for imposing 'crippling sanctions' on Iran. 363 in the House signed another letter demanding immediate action.

Of course it's not only Congress. Al-Manar reports:
Obama Reluctant to Answer Questions on Israeli Nuclear Program!

U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged all countries, including Israel, to sign the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NPT.

"Whether we're talking about Israel or any other country, we think that becoming part of the NPT is important," Obama said. "And that, by the way, is not a new position. That's been a consistent position of the United States government, even prior to my administration."

"Initially you were talking about US behavior, and then suddenly we're talking about Israel. Let me talk about the United States," the president said.

“I do think that as part of the NPT, our obligation, as the largest nuclear power in the world, is to take steps to reducing our nuclear stockpile. And that's what the START treaty was about, sending a message that we are going to meet our far as Israel goes, I'm not going to comment on their program.”

"No man can serve two masters."

That's the way it works. By bowing to the influence of Israel, our government puts the interests of the vast majority of Americans in a far distant second place finish.

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