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Gilad Atzmon: Islamophobia in Britain: The Products, The Names and The Faces

By Gilad Atzmon

Islamophobia has made it to the market place. In the open and shamelessly offers hundreds of anti Muslim and anti Arab products: T-shirts, caps babysuits etc’.

Yet, make no mistake, Cafepress is not an ordinary xenophobic retailer driven by some crude ‘universal’ bigotry. As much as the site offers very many pro Jewish, pro Israeli, pro war , anti Arab and anti Muslim commodities, it doesn’t offer a single anti Jewish, anti Semitic, anti Black, anti Polish or anti Immigrant commodity. This is indeed very good news.

Yet, the manifold of anti Muslim and pro Jewish products is staggering, especially in the context of the absence of any other hate driven products.

I guess that it is more than likely that the ‘pro Jewish’, ‘pro war’ and ‘anti Muslim’ products appeal to more or less the same crowd. I guess that you know who they may be.
And yet, I am slightly puzzled I may admit, I ask myself where in Britain one can hang around with a T-shirt carrying an image of the Koran being stepped upon?

Where in Britain one can go around with a T-Shirt calling to ‘bomb Iran’?

When I immigrated to Britain fifteen years ago it was a very tolerant place. The university I landed in was submerged in ‘post-colonial discourse’. Students and professors spent hours mourning Britain’s crimes of the past. To a certain extent, Britain is still a very tolerant place. The British public is still very open. Moreover, being a white foreigner here is a very pleasant experience.

Yet, looking at Cafepress’ anti Muslim collection, I assume that being Muslim, Arab or Asian in Britain must be a complicated experience, at least for some.

As it happens the Zio-centric ideological amalgam of moral interventionism, pro war, anti Muslim feelings and Israeli lobbying have planted some disastrous seeds of bigotry in British culture.

I think that it is our humanist duty to identify the proponent of pro war, pro Jewish and anti Muslim ideologies within our discourse. In order to do so, I will let some of our leading British Zionist and Neocons model Cafepress’ latest designs

Look for instance at the Jewish Chronicle writer Nick Cohen, a man who advocated the war in Iraq, a pro war moral interventionist, a man who supported the criminal IDF operation Cast Lead, but more than anything, Cohen doesn’t really like Islam.

He can do well with Cafepress’s latest designs.

Jack Straw supported the war in Iraq.
He told the Chilcot Inquiry that “he could have stopped the invasion, had he wanted to.” Seemingly, he didn’t want to. More than 1.5 million Iraqis died.
Straw also doesn’t like Muslim women wearing veils.

Cafepress supports Straw's line of thinking with a new line of anti veil products.
By the way, Jack Straw is not a Jew, he is just partially Jewish.

Cafepress, made a shirt for half Jews, just to make sure these ‘half-breeds’ do not drift away and start 'hate themselves'.
David Miliband was listed by an Israeli propaganda site as an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) author.

He was trying to amend British Universal jurisdiction just to help Israeli war criminals visiting this kingdom.
Do not worry, The Conservative Friend of Israel seem to have succeeded where Miliband failed. Just a few days before Israel launched its lethal genocidal Operation Cast Lead, Milband visited Sderot and suggested to Israel that “above all”, Israel should “seek to protect its own citizens.”
David Miliband is also a moral interventionist.
He would kill in the name of democracy.
Thank God he is not in the Government.

David Aaronovitch is a Jewish Chronicle writer, a defiant fighter against anti Semitism and yet a very enthusiastic opponent of Islam.

As you may guess he was an advocate for the Iraq war. He also thinks that we better do something with Iran before it is ‘too late’.

The list of pro war, pro Israeli and anti Muslim supporters is pretty long. I think that we better identify them all.

Now when we can fit them into T-shirts and babysuits we better move fast before the stock runs out.

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