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Israel Doesn't Surrender: Hezbollah behind Hariri's Murder!

Hussein Assi

30/07/2010 Israel doesn't surrender…

While Lebanese have calmed down their political rhetoric and were preoccupied with the "exceptional" visit made by Arab Leader to Beirut, their enemy had another opinion…

That's it. Israel doesn't surrender and therefore doesn't calm down. It believes that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon provides it with the best "opportunity" for it to achieve its "unachieved" goals since 2006 of disarming and dismantling Hezbollah.

The Israeli enemy, caring for the dignity and honor of Hariri's family perhaps more than all Lebanese and blaming Prime Minister Saad Hariri for favoring his "political future" over his father's blood, didn't give up and continued spreading scenarios of a verdict denouncing Hezbollah, confirming that the verdict that will be issued soon is an Israeli decision per excellence.

Thus, the Israeli television (Channel 1) didn't hesitate to reveal the "details of the details" of the STL's verdict, announcing the names and positions of the so-called "suspects" in the framework of the "scenario" that will target Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah at the end.

Israel, unconvinced with the story of "undisciplined members" in an organization such as Hezbollah, said that the final verdict will issue direct accusations against essential leaders within Hezbollah, believed by the Israeli Television to be "central members" within the military activity of Hezbollah.

The report, which expected the verdict to embark Lebanon into a serious crisis, said that the final verdict would claim that Mustafa Badr al-Din, a top Hezbollah official and brother-in-law of Hezbollah military commander martyr Imad Moghniyye, is the main suspect.

Lebanon is sitting on a "powder keg" which will explode when the international tribunal names Badr el-Din as the primary suspect in the Hariri assassination case, Channel 1 said, adding that the Lebanese are aware that if the man was accused of involvement in the murder there would be an "earthquake" in the country.

The revelations of the Israeli Television exposed the truth and unmasked the falseness of the claims that the verdicts will just accuse "undisciplined members" of Hezbollah, claiming that the verdict will include Sayyed Nasrallah. "

Is it possible that such assassination of this type could take place without Sayyed Nasrallah's permission," the channel wondered. "This can't happen without his permission. That's why Sayyed Nasrallah won't accept to accuse any member in Hezbollah of involvement in the crime," an Israeli TV expert in Arab affairs claimed.

Yet, the TV, believed to represent the government's opinion, admitted that Sayyed Nasrallah's statements about the tribunal and his description of it as an Israeli project were not 'good' for Israel.

Israel: "hariri tribunal to indict Mughniyeh's 'cousin'..."

Israel always 'just knows' .... JPost:

"... According to an Israel TV report on Thursday night, Hariri’s son, the current Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, asked the tribunal to postpone releasing Din’s name, because of the potentially incendiary implications for Lebanon of such an announcement.
Badr el Din, the cousin and brother- in-law of Mughniyeh, who was killed in a car bomb in Damascus in February 2008, was also reportedly responsible for planning the attempted assassination of the ruler of Kuwait in 1985, among other operations...."
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