Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New US Ambassador Anticipates Mission by Assailing Hezbollah

21/07/2010 Assailing Hezbollah seems to be the main mission for US ambassadors in Lebanon…

Thus, the candidate for the post of US ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly seemed to be an excellent student of her predecessors Jeffrey Feltman and Michele Sisson in this regard.

Before being appointed, Connelly started to launch verbal assaults against Lebanon, confirming to her administration that choosing her would be the good choice.

Connelly said during a hearing at a Senate hearing that Hezbollah was trying to expand its influence. She said Hezbollah media has launched a nonstop campaign against US military aid to Lebanon.

The military assistance, according to Connelly, is aimed to provide security and prevent turning south Lebanon into a platform for launching rockets against Israel.

She pointed out that divisions in the period after 2005 began to surface "blurry in the eyes of many in Lebanon and the region, but the options for Lebanon remain stark, however: if the future of Lebanon in the hands of the leaders who understand that regional peace is vital, or the future of Lebanon in the hands of those who preach eternal resistance and paint a specific future image of violence."

She expressed concern about Hezbollah's rebuilding of its arsenal since 2006, warning that this leads to miscalculation in the region. "This is not in anyone's interest," she added.

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