Monday, 19 July 2010

Strictly Dancing by Gilad Atzmon

BY Gilad Atzmon

Some Jews and Israelis seem to be rather jolly lately.
We recently encountered a glimpse of a Jewish family celebrating their survival of the Holocaust by exploring some different disco manoeuvres with the landscape of Auschwitz in the background.

I honestly think that nothing is categorically wrong about it. At the end of the day, Jews found many ways to deal with their past. Dancing is no doubt preferable to killing in the name of Jewish suffering.
IDF soldiers are also finding the time to dance when they are not murdering in the name of ‘Israeli security’.

In fact, one possible interpretation is that the IDF’s dance routine was a form of protest against their army and terrorist state. I guess that we would all prefer Israeli soldiers to dance than kill. Regardless, if Israelis feel the urge to boogie they better do it in their own streets.
Yet, Kosher Bollywood may be the way forward for the contemporary Jewish dancer

“Together, forever we will always be” says a dance promo clip made by the Israeli military industry in a desperate attempt to appeal to the Indian military market. While some world leaders are losing sleep over the possibility of an armed conflict between India and Pakistan, it appears as if the Kosher arms dealers find such a possible conflict a good reason to sing and dance.

I guess it won’t be long before we encounter a Youtube clip of Bundists and other ‘Yiddish Anarchists’ dancing across the mass graves of the Ukrainian Holodomor** victims. I guess that the director of such a clip could gather some inspiration from reading historian Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century. This may encourage familiarity with the extent of the genocide committed by “Stalin’s willing executioners”.

Alternatively, one can also read a leading Israeli Journalist Sever Plocker who was courageous enough to admit that “some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.”

I also guess that such a clip may spread a lot of ketchup around. As you can see in this very old clip, The ‘Yiddish Anarchists’, didn’t want to just bury the Tsar, they were also keen to slay his mother. Knowing what we know about the Jewish state, a Yiddish Anarchist’s level of murderous vindictiveness, shouldn’t take us by surprise.

Look at this cute clip and try to catch the line about “little Nickolai” and “his mother”

Alternatively one can also easily detect the murderous inclination in the Yiddish Anarchist anthem:

“We swear our stalwart hate persists,
Of those who rob and kill the poor:
The Tsar, the masters, capitalists.
Our vengeance will be swift and sure.
So swear together to live or die"

Yesterday I went and reviewed some other revolutionary anthems such as the Bolshevik , the Chinese communist one and the International. I found a lot of uplifting spirit of hope and yearning for liberty . Somehow, it is only the ‘Yiddish revolutionary Anthem’ that openly call for celebration of murder and “vengeance”.

Only Chosen revolutionaries want to bury a tyrant together with his mother. What can I say, the Jewish interpretation of ‘Progressive ideology’ is pretty scary.

I guess that when the so-called ‘Progressive Jews’ preach peace in the name of ‘Jewish liberal values of reconciliation’ they are either lying or just being deluded. Though, we are all aware of many humanists of Jewish origin, there is no such thing as a Jewish secular liberal precept nor is there such a thing as a ‘Jewish secular moral value system.’

I now also anticipate a clip showcasing Paul Wolfowitz fox trotting with the extended AIPAC family, Abe Foxman and the Labour Friends of Israel celebrating the ‘success’ of the Zionist driven ‘moral’ interventionist wars.

At the moment the only footage available of Wolfowitz shaking his booty is here:

In the clip, Wolfy seems to join the fight against malaria, I guess that he bought some shares in the right pharmaceutical company a week or so before.

I think that by the time we have a collection of these clips, Youtube may be able to stake a claim on possessing the most ultimately diverse and comprehensive choreographic take on contemporary Jewish Identity.

I would also really want to believe that by the time the Jewish state is stripped of its power and hundreds of nuclear bombs, there will still be enough people on the planet to dance or even to consider starting it all again…..
*Bund -The General Jewish Labour Bund of Lithuania, Poland and Russia generally called The Bund. It was founded in 1987 and was active until 1920. Remnants of the party remain active in Britain, USA and Israel.
Lenin sharply criticized the bund (1903) arguing that the Yiddish National project endangered the unity of the Russian proletarian movement.

** The Holodomor – Refers to a colossal famine in Ukraine in1932–1933, during which millions of inhabitants died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the history of humanity. Estimates on the total number of casualties within Soviet Ukraine range mostly from 2.6 million to 10 million. Primarily as a result of the economic and trade policies instituted by Joseph Stalin, millions of Ukrainians starved to death over the course of a single year.

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