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The band of “idiots”: "..Syria is the one standing behind the provocation carried by the Ahbash against Hezbollah ..."

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From Nick Noe's Mideastwire:

"... On August 26, Ibrahim al-Amin wrote the following: “... In any operational investigation concerning what took place around sunset the day before yesterday, one can reach results in order to pinpoint who bears the responsibility for the provocation or for firing the killing bullets… But [behind closed doors], where the investigation assumes a different form, be it security-related or political one or anything else, major words will be spoken and will be hard to announce…
“In the analysis and scrutiny, the band of “idiots” is bound to have a certain contribution. These [idiots] considered what happened the day before yesterday as a reflection of a Syrian-Iranian dispute [because they] believe that the Ahbash are Syria’s group and that Hezbollah is affiliated with Iran. And the most stupid among the “idiots” have gone even deeper to the extent of believing that Syria is the one standing behind the provocation carried by the Ahbash against Hezbollah in order to turn this group into the center of attraction of whomever wants to defend the Sunnis and that Syria has done that in order to pull the rag from under the “Future” [Movement’s feet].
“It is okay to hear this nonsense just to have an idea about the season of “stupidity” in Lebanon. But it is also okay to stop at the background of what happened and its dimensions despite all the words that were said yesterday in Beirut and in Damascus or the words that will be said in the coming few days. The following comments can be made:
“First: a few hours after the clash, various security sources came out and spoke about changes that took place during the last past months, in the nature of the field administration of the Ahbash. Many wires came in indicating the presence of new elements… Then the same sources came out and indicated that the ongoing tensions and congestion in these narrow alleys were indicative of confrontations of a sectarian or religious nature away from any political reality.
“Second: the unannounced details about the confrontation’s events reveal that a heavily armed deployment took place in a short time in all the streets without any real coordination…
Third: the communication calls made while the bullets were falling and after the calm prevailed showed that the pleasant talk about the political agreement does not express the reality on the ground…and that the so-called discipline of the concerned forces was absent at the time of the killing and the destruction.
“Fourth: At the final hours of the clash, [military-related] preparations took place in areas far away from the conflict zone…
Fifth: The Lebanese army acted in an interesting way, as it was unable to make an initiative…
Sixth: the unprecedented concern shown by some Arab and western sides in following up on the details was interesting…”
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Beirut Clashes: Lebanese Reject Sedition Schemes, Turn Page

26/08/2010 Two days on the clashes that erupted in Beirut’s Burj Abi Haidar neighborhood, one thing is only certain: the concerned parties decided to “turn the page” and reject the schemes to sow sedition among Lebanese.

While Hezbollah and the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (Al-Ahbash faction) stressed that the incident has no political or sectarian background and said it resulted from a personal dispute, Lebanese called for serious investigations over the clashes.

In this context, the file of the clashes was transferred to military police to carry out the proper investigation. According to the official National News Agency (NNA), no arrests were made yet and authorities were carrying out the probe by questioning witnesses.

Meanwhile, President Michel Sleiman and Interior Minister Ziad Baroud held talks on Thursday on the progress of the investigation in the clashes at Borj Abi Haidar and the Interior Ministry's measures to prevent similar incidents from erupting once again.

Also on Thursday, Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Thursday inspected the neighborhoods that witnessed the clashes in Borj Abi Haidar, Mazraa and Basta. He was accompanied by Secretary-General of the Higher Defense Council Brigadier General Adnan Merheb.

On Wednesday, Hariri said that the escalation in political rhetoric in the country and the behaviors of some lead to incidents such as Tuesday’s clashes. “I - as Saad Hariri, and as the son of Sidon, Beirut and the South, and the son of whole Lebanon and Rafik Hariri, and as Beirut's representative in Parliament and as a prime minister - stress to you that the widespread of weapons in every street and neighborhood is not acceptable anymore,” Hariri added. [ I smell a RAT]

The Lebanese cabinet stressed the need to ask political leaders to shoulder their responsibilities in defusing tension that provides a suitable environment for the occurrence of incidents, such as Tuesday’s clashes. “The Cabinet asked the military, security and judicial agencies to pursue their full duties and arrest the perpetrators, whoever they are and to whichever political faction they belong.

 It also formed a committee, headed by the prime minister and comprising the ministers of defense and interior, tasked with remedying the phenomenon of arms in the hands of citizens in all regions across Lebanon, especially in Beirut, and to find the effective solutions,” Information Minister Tareq Mitri declared following the meeting.

In the meantime, Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar said that a delegation from al-Ahbash visited on Wednesday the head of the Syrian military intelligence Major General Rustom Ghazaleh who stressed the importance of consolidating ties with Hezbollah. Al-Akhbar quoted informed sources as saying that al-Ahbash stressed to the Syrian official that the movement was "in a single trench with the resistance in Lebanon." The delegation stressed that the clashes had no political background and were neither in the interest of al-Ahbash nor Hezbollah, the sources said.

Beirut Clashes: Investigations Launched, All Hypotheses Possible

27/08/2010 Three days on the deadly clashes that erupted in Beirut’s Burj Abi Haidar’s neighborhood, ambiguity is still surrounding the incident as investigations were launched to find out the real reasons behind the expansion of the battles.

The concerned parties, Hezbollah and the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (Al-Ahbash faction), turned the page after stressing that the incident has no political or sectarian background and saying that it has resulted from a personal dispute. However, they called for a transparent and serious investigation to reach the truth behind the battles.

In this context, and after the file of the clashes was transferred to military police to carry out the proper investigation, the Lebanese Army has taken strict measures to prevent the recurrence of Tuesday’s incidents.

“Given that Hezbollah and Al-Ahbash were cooperative in resolving the dispute and turning the page, it’s possible to say that Tuesday’s security incident has ended at both security and political levels between the two sides,” a senior security source told Lebanese daily As-Safir.

According to the daily, the military police has started collecting data and evidence and examining facts, including pictures and films recorded by cameras set at the clashes’ region.

The source emphasized that while the investigators questioned a number of witnesses, no arrest has been made yet given that both sides, Hezbollah and Al-Ahbash, have told the army that there was no cover for any member in the organizations and that they were ready for any decision taken by the army in this regard.

The source said that investigations are focusing on the origin of the clash and its causes as well of the reasons that led to the death of Hezbollah official in the region Mohamad Fawwaz and his assistant Ali Mohamad Jawad as well as Al-Ahbash member Ahmad Omeirat. “If we find out who was the first to shoot and who ordered the open of fire if there was an order, a lot of things would become clear,” the source said, stressing tha all options remain open, taking into consideration assertions made by the two sides that the dispute was a personal one. “However, the expansion of the clash cannot be neglected, especially that both sides are raising the hypothesis of a third party exploiting the incident to increase tension,” the source pointed out.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Ziad Baroud said he was betting on the positive reaction of political forces to the formation of a ministerial committee tasked with finding solutions to the spread of arms across Lebanon. “It is in the interest of all for weapons to be organized because everyone is harmed by the use of arms,” Baroud told Lebanese daily An-Nahar. “The formation of the committee is the minimum responsibility of the government,” he said.

On Thursday, member of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Hussein Moussawi described as “isolated incident” the clashes, urging political parties to act quickly to curb any repercussions. “We appeal on all parties to move swiftly to find ways to prevent recurrence of Tuesday's fighting,” he said. Moussawi warned, at the same time, those who are trying to use this incident against the Resistance and its weapons. “Israel is our enemy Israel and no one will drag us into civil strife,” he stressed.

However, Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea claimed the latest clashes were part of the organized campaign to weaken Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

The clashes were also aimed at targeting the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the logic of justice, Geagea told Lebanese daily Al-Liwaa.


As Ahbash are Politically are Pro-Syrian, Pro-Hezbulah I guess, I think it is not Personal. Al-Ahbash, most likely are penetrated by fifth pillers. Hari learned the Lesson of May 7. So its devide to conquer .

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