Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hanna calls on churches to stop Israel from razing Christian site in J'lem

[ 05/08/2010 - 08:29 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Father Atallah Hanna, the Greek Orthodox patriarchate of occupied Jerusalem, appealed to the world's churches to urgently intervene to stop Israel from obliterating the Christian religious landmarks in the deserted village of Ein Kerem, west of the holy city.

Father Hanna made his remarks following a field visit he made Wednesday to the village in order to check on the Christian historical site which Israel started to demolish.

Hanna called on all heads of churches worldwide to move to protect the Christian religious sites and take legal action to prevent Israel from building on Christian shrines in this village.

He noted that the Christian antiquities in this village refer to the history of the first church and the Christian presence during the first four centuries AD.

Ein Kerem village is one of hundreds of Palestinian villages which the Israeli occupation had wiped out and displaced its native residents.

For its part, the association of Palestinian scholars abroad expressed its deep concern over Israel's escalation of its Judaization activities in Jerusalem and the other occupied lands, represented in the imprisonment of Sheikh Ra'ed Salah, the exile of Jerusalemite national figures from their city, and the destruction of a village in the Negev region.

The association warned in a statement on Wednesday that Israel's schemes are aimed at uprooting the Palestinians from their land and obliterating all historical landmarks that are witness to their existence.

It called on the Muslim scholars, institutions, and peoples to urgently move to support the Palestinian people in general and the Jerusalemite officials and lawmakers threatened with expulsion in particular.

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