Friday, 24 September 2010

Abbas May Recognize Israel as A "Jewish State": Report

24/09/2010 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would recognize Israel as a Jewish state, after he hinted out that he would stay in "Peace" talks even if the settlements freeze was resumed, Israeli reports said as the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas accused Abbas of selling the Palestinians.

Israeli daily Maariv reported the army radio as saying that Abbas was also "willing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state if the Knesset voted on this issue".

On the other hand, the Israeli electronic site Ynet reported on Friday that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hinted Tuesday during talks with Israeli leaders in New York that he would not quit the talks even if the settlement construction was resumed.

Palestinian Authority officials have said in recent days that they would have to accept a resumption of the construction. The officials said they might also have to accept a statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the end of the freeze.

The Israeli site added that officials in Ramallah have confirmed that the American efforts and the administration's desire for a peace process are much stronger than the Palestinians' intention to quit the talks on the backdrop of Netanyahu's refusal to continue the freeze.

The opposition to Abbas is expected to speak out in light of this situation. The different organizations comprising the Palestinian Liberation Organization are demanding that the PA quit the talks.

For its part, the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" said that Abbas has proved he plans to sell the Palestinian interest with a declaration that the negotiations will continue even if the settlements freeze ends.

"The Americans have clarified that the negotiations must continue under any condition, and this is the reason they weren't halted following the attacks, the killing of a senior Hamas man in Tulkarem, the events in (occupied) Jerusalem or the strikes in Gaza," one of the sources said.

"Peace is in my pocket ..."

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