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Abbas – West’s new Gandhi

Currently, the western media is presenting the leader of Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, as a Palestinian Gandhi, who is preaching non-violent protest against the brutal Jewish occupation of Palestine.
He is projected as a ‘negotiating partner’ and an alternative to Palestinian Islamic Resistance, Hamas, the elected government in Gaza.

Hamas is blamed for carrying out ‘terrorism (military resistance)’ against Israelis in the occupied Palestine, in an effort to reclaim the land stolen from them by the foreign Jews. Recently, Abbas told the demonstrators in Bilin to continue their non-violent protests. During his yatra (pilgrimage) to India in October 2008 – Abbas called India “a democracy and a role model” for the Palestinian resistance. “India maintains special relations with all the countries in our region including the state of Israel and can do a lot to push forward the peace process,” Abbas told PTI in an interview before leaving for New Delhi. Gandhi, eventually became the victim of his own Hindu religious communalists who realized that he is no use to them anymore. The fate may fall on Abbas, too, once USrael realizes that he cannot deliver mor the Zionist entity.

I must admit that both Abbas and Gandhi do have some common traits – both, during their early life, lived outside the countries they represented. Abbas became one of the top leader of the scularist Palestinian armed resistance Fatah – Gandhi had the support of the major Hindu communal prganizations and he never blamed Hindus rioters for killing innocent Muslim men, women and children or raping young Muslim girls. Both have been projected the so-called “non-violent” resistance leaders by the colonial powers to sabotage any armed struggle against the occupation. British Raj made Gandhi an Indian hero by keeping him half of his political life in jail for law-breaking where he was treated as a ‘royalty’.

Contrary to Gandhi, the Muslim leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, ran his non-violent resistance against the British colonialist by abiding the country’s laws, so much so that the British authories could not jail him for even one day. The British colonialists did not leave Indian-continent due to Gandhi’s non-violent resistance, as the world is expected to believe. However, the fact is that after the WW II which the British and its allies fought for the sake of Zionists against Germany – the British colonial empire had bankrupted and could not hold on to its foreign possesions anymore. Gandhi’s support for the 180 million Dalits (untouchable Hindus) and the 34 million Hindu widows was also hypocritical. He never criticized the Hindu minority upper caste (Brahmin) for maintaining such racism against Dalits and widows.

However, both Gandhi and Jinnah were unanious in criticizing British plan to divide Palestine to please the Jewish Lobby in the West. Now, while Pakistan is still keeping a distance from Israel – India has become Israel’s closest ally in Asia based on their common hatred toward Muslims.

The Canadian Charger, a Canadian online magazine, in its February 17, 2010 editorial Mr. Abbas: Here is a road to freedom, wrote:

“Israel has always carried out a program of using any pause in Palestinian’s resistance activities to expand Jewish settlement activities. Israel calls for unconditional negotiations are nothing more than a bluff, buying time for further land-grabs and for intensifying Jewish settlement. What, then, of a strategy of non-violence? Abbas recommends this approach, but where is the leadership in carrying it out?  The classic case was in India.  Let’s see what that example tells us……. The British had carried out a program of divide and rule, playing Hindus and Muslims against one another, just as Israel has with Hamas and Fatah. 

What is the lesson for Abbas? He needs to act, not simply say no to phony negotiations, while telling his compatriots to engage in non-violent resistance.  Non-violence needs a leader. He and his fellow Fatah leaders need to lead a march on the Jews-only roads winding through the West Bank. The Palestinian boycott of Israeli goods manufactured in the West Bank is a good first move and should be intensified.  However, that is not enough. All kinds of Israeli products are on the market in the Territories.  There should be a review of these goods to see which are produced by manufacturers who are heavily dependent on Arab trade and which Palestinians can do without.  One and then another should be boycotted.  The home-spun movement is the example.

It makes no sense to talk, talk, talk with the likes of Binyamin Netanyahu while Israel continues to steal, steal, steal land.”

Mahmoud Abbas showed where his loyalty belongs to, when, under US-Israel pressure he agreed to sink Goldstone Report which equalled Israeli invasion of Gaza in December 2008 to a genocide.

The real lesson of the settlement freeze fiasco concerns who understands Washington better, Netanyahu or Abu Mazen,” wrote Yossi Alpher on November 11, 2009: “The Israelis and Americans have made it clear they prefer the Palestinians to remain divided, and Hamas and Gazzah isolated, in the belief that Abbas will be able to deliver a “peaceful settlement” on their terms on the basis of political support in the West Bank. While Palestinians have been demanding a settlement between Hamas and Fatah, the US and Israel clearly hope that election  in the West Bank in January 2010, without any polls in Gazzah, would consolidate the division and Fatah’s rule over the West Bank and so make an agreement with Israel more feasible…..”

When a Jordanian weekly claimed that Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) belonged to an Iranian Bahai family, Danny Rubinstein, was the first one to refute the allegation in Israel daily Ha’aretz (November 19, 2004), writing: “The abbas family has no connection to Baha’is (the cult’s founder is burried in Haifa, Israel). It’s a tradiotional Muslim family whose origins lie in the town of Safed. His family fled to Damascus when the Jewish terrorist millitia Palmach occupied and terrorized the neighbourhood of Safved……”

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