Saturday, 11 September 2010

Haneyya: 40,000 memorisers of Quran will graduate in answer to Quran burning

[ 10/09/2010 - 04:49 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Prime Minister of the Palestinian government in Gaza, Ismail Haneyya, condemned the call by Pastor Terry Jones burn copies of the Quran in the State of Florida, adding that his government's response to this call is to prepare 40,000 memorisers of the Quran.

Haneyya said during his Eid sermon that the Zionist project is waning and that victory of the Palestinian people is closer than they think.

He added that the PA in Ramallah has committed three sins during the month of Ramadan; the first of which was going to direct negotiations with the Israeli occupation, adding that those negotiations were rejected and that no one has been mandated by the Palestinian people to negotiate on their behalf.

He said the second sin was their war on religion and mosques and said that such a policy is widely rejected by the Palestinian people.

As to the third sin, he said it was the pursuit of resistance fighters in the West Bank, stressing that the Palestinian people reject such policies and that his government rejects the security coordination between the PA and the Israeli occupation.

He congratulated the Arab and Islamic Umma and the Palestinian people on the occasion of Eid and he sent a special greeting to the families of martyrs, captives and the injured as well as those whose homes were destroyed by the Israeli occupation.

He called for visits to the families of martyrs, the injured and captives to enhance feelings of solidarity and to bolster the steadfastness of those families.

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