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Made in Israël? Geert Wilders accused of working for Mossad

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THE HAGUE A declaration published just before the recent Dutch elections suggests that Geert Wilders was trained by the Mossad to serve Israëli interests in the Netherlands. The declaration is signed by a Mrs. M.B. Kwint-de Roos, a former employee of the VVD, the party where Wilders started his career. The declaration was picked up by Misdaadjournalist, who writes to have understood that the declaration was sent to all major Dutch newspapers before the recent elections. No attention has been given to it however by the Dutch media and its authenticity has not been verified.

The declaration, written on june 2nd 2010, states that Geert Wilders and Mrs. Kwint sat at the same table at a party in 1991. After becoming drunk, Wilders told Mrs Kwint that his career was plotted out by the Mossad. The secret service gave him a tough training in which he was even tortured. The divorce and second marriage of Geert Wilders were arranged by the Mossad, Wilders is reported to have said. After Mrs. Kwint told Wilders that her husband had relations to Dutch intelligence, Wilders is said to have uttered words of intimidation to the thought that she would make any mention of their conversation. The declaration can be downloaded here.

The declaration comes years after reports in mainstream daily newspaper De Telegraaf (’AIVD had Wilders in vizier’, 9 may 2007) that Dutch intelligence service AIVD had been screening Geert Wilders’ affiliation with Israël. Wilders was seen regularly visiting the Israëli ambassy. The AIVD denied this the very same day. Vrij Nederland, a mainstream Dutch weekly, quoted a retired top official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who despised Wilders’ stress on loyalty of Moroccans to the Netherlands, when it was clear that Wilders himself was loyal to a foreign nation. Weblog Verbal Jam claims to know witnesses to the fact that Wilders is an informant of Mossad.

Geert Wilders’ party is not structured like a conventional political party, which allows its finances to be kept secret. This has led to the idea that the party may receive funding from Israël. Wilders’ PVV party almost tripled in size in the recent parliamentary elections and is currently speaking to liberal party VVD and Christian democrats CDA about the formation of a government alliance.

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