Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Abbas calls on Hamas to change site of reconciliation talks

The traitor went to Netanyahu's house, maybe to his bedroom, because netanyahu his bedfellow, is "chosen by the Israeli people to be the prime minister" Hamas elected by the Palestinian peapole is the ENEMY, therefore, he would talk to Hamas, anywhere, but not in Damascus, not in Gaza.

Two years ago, a "Palestinian" ASSHOLE, running a Hasbara site, reported that Syria will ask Hamas leaders to leave Syria, all the same Bastard was spreading the zionist's propaganda about the Happy faimily and domiticating Hamas.

All the time I was saying, the negotiation with Abbas shall lead to nowhere, Hamas is buying the time and using it to expose the traitor. They did it.


Abbas calls on Hamas to change site of reconciliation talks


[ 26/10/2010 - 10:00 AM ]

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)-- Palestinian de facto president Mahmoud Abbas called on Hamas to change the venue for national reconciliation talks from the Syrian capital of Damascus after disputes broke out in the Arab summit in Sirte.

He said during a field visit to Bethlehem on Monday: “I recently went to Damascus and began talks with them, and I tell you, we will not discontinue talks despite the ‘choking’ that took place in Sirte,” referring to the sparring that went on with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad about the negotiations and the resistance movement.

“If they want to talk they should choose another palace, and we should go and finish these talks, so they sign the document outlined by Egypt which received agreement by all Palestinian factions,” the PA chief added.

The meeting which was scheduled for Oct. 20 was cancelled at the request of the Fatah movement.

“As you know the national reconciliation, in which Egypt’s efforts had begun before the coup by Hamas, Egypt, which was officially commissioned by the Arab League to oversee the task of reconciliation, outlined a document last October 1, and we signed the document last October 15, and so far Hamas did not sign the document, and they have many excuses, but they are unacceptable, illogical, and unreasonable excuses that do not have any basis whatsoever, and we know what makes them reluctant to sign this document,” Abbas went on to say.

Speaking on Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu, Abbas said: “We heard talks from Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel, who is our partner, chosen by the Israeli people to be the prime minister, so when we talk about him we talk about him as a partner.”

“I want to take what he said recently to comment on a few of his words. He said: ‘The Palestinians must not carry out unilateral acts that would disrupt the negotiations.’ He means by that that we have no right to go to the United Nations and say, O world, who can we complain to in this world? This is prohibited. He considers this act unilateral. We have not done it yet, but he criticizes us because we will act unilaterally after one, two, three, or four months, and we cannot do this. He says another time that the Palestinians must carry out their duties and satisfy all of their obligations. This is what he said to the Council of Ministers yesterday.”

“There are 11 commitments in the roadmap plan, we must implement them, and likewise [is the case for] Israel. We implemented all that was binding on us and Israel did not implement even one item binding on it. When we speak, we are told, you must fufill your commitments, I think it is absolutely incorrect.”

Senior Hamas official Dr. Ismail Radwan called on the Fatah movement to work to create climates suitable for the success of the reconciliation meeting instead of placing overemphasis on the location.

“The reconciliation issue is more valuable and greater than conditions by Mahmoud Abbas or anyone else,” the Hamas leader said.

Radwan said in a press statement Monday: “Instead of talks on placing a stick in the spokes of reconciliation and determining a venue, Abbas should have taken steps on the ground to stop security cooperation with [Israel], to stop political arrests and security persecution in the West Bank, and to stop hosting [Israeli] security leaders.”

“Because Hamas is interested in overcoming the crisis of determining where to meet, there are four countries it suggested to deliberate as a venue or meeting place, Syria being one of those countries,” he added.

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