Monday, 25 October 2010

Al-Akhbar: Jumblatt Told Assad His Position Determined, He Fears STL

25/10/2010 The Lebanese daily al-Akhbar reported on Monday that the leader of Progressive Socialist Party, MP Walid Jumblat has taken his decision to join the side that fears the dangerous repercussions of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon STL's indictment in the 2005 assassination of former Premier Rafiq Hariri, a day after he paid a visit to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The daily reported that well informed sources "confirmed Jumblatt told al-Assad that he decided to join the side which fears the dangerous consequences of the STL's indictment."

Jumblatt on Sunday visited Damascus and met al-Assad. The two men "dealt with the latest developments in the Lebanese arena and the importance of unifying efforts of all the Lebanese parties to maintain calmness and consolidate the national unity for enhancing the Lebanese points of strength in confronting any future challenges faced by the country," Syrian official news agency SANA reported.

Following the visit on Sunday, Jumblatt told al-Manar television: "We have been in a similar period with Syria [before] and we triumphed. Victory will be achieved with Syria just like before."

“[My] meeting with [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] was excellent and coordination with Syria is more than important at this point, during which Arab, regional and Lebanese security is threatened,” he added to al-Manar.

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