Monday, 25 October 2010

Mossad behind Iranian Military Base Blast

25/10/2010 France's Le Figaro newspaper alleged Monday that the Mossad was responsible for an explosion which took place in Iran's Imam Ali military base, on October 12.

The Imam Ali military base is located some 300 miles southwest of Tehran, amid rough mountainous terrain.

The explosion martyred 18 people and left 10 other injured. Iran said the blast was the result of a fire which broke out in an ammunition warehouse.

According to Le Figaro the blast was the latest in the Mossad's effort to thwart Iran's nuclear efforts. The paper also links it to other incidents, such as the recent cyber attack which paralyzed Iranian computers, technical sabotage, and various claimed scientist abductions.

The French newspaper said the blast “proved to be a serious blow to Iran's ability to defend its sensitive security installations, further weakening its ability to defend its nuclear facilities in case of an attack.”
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