Thursday, 28 October 2010

Right-winger Marzel demands to expel Sheikh Salah from his homeland

[ 28/10/2010 - 10:50 AM ]

UMM AL-FAHM, (PIC)-- Far-rightist Knesset member Baruch Marzel called for expelling head of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ra'ed Salah from occupied Palestine during his participation in a provocative march held on the outskirts of Umm Al-Fahm city.

Palestinian residents of Umm Al-Fahm and the nearby towns had stood by ready since the early morning hours to confront the extremist Jewish settlers who staged a protest outside the house of Sheikh Salah.

The Israeli policemen deployed throughout the city started without prior notice to disperse the Palestinian crowds attacking them with batons and firing tear gas and stunt grenades at them. Many physical injuries and suffocation cases reportedly happened among the Palestinians including Arab Knesset members Hanin Zoabi and Afo Igbariya.

Deputy head of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib told journalists during the events that the Zionist extremist right-wing which is led by Marzel does not represent itself but also the Israeli government which was established on hatred and racism against everything Palestinian.

The Israeli high court had allowed Marzel's group, which is notorious for extremism, to stage a march in Umm Al-Fahm in protest at Sheikh Salah's participation in Freedom Flotilla aid convoy.

Sheikh Salah is still in Israeli jails and serving a five-month sentence after the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) fabricated lies against him claiming he assaulted an Israeli police officer during events that erupted years ago at the Aqsa Mosque.

For his part, secretary-general of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ramhi condemned the Jewish settlers' march as provocative and racist showing the extremism of its organizers and protectors.

"The recent Zionist practices against the Palestinians in the territories occupied in 1948 are happening in the context of the restrictions imposed on the Palestinians there to force them to leave their land and Arab-Palestinian property to the Zionist occupier who came from outside Palestine, and from the whole region in fact," lawmaker Ramhi underlined in a statement on Wednesday.

The lawmaker hailed the Palestinians in the 1948 occupied lands for courageously standing up to the Jewish extremists and police forces that protected them in Umm Al-Fahm city.

The Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank also denounced the Israeli police for brutally attacking Palestinian citizens during the settlers' provocative march in Umm Al-Fahm, saying such acts were clear indication of Israel's sadistic policy.

They warned in a statement yesterday that Israel escalated its ethnic cleansing policy against the Palestinians in the 1948 occupied lands in order to end the Arab presence completely in this occupied area of Palestine.

The lawmakers noted that the Israeli occupation state has recently targeted dozens of Palestinians through its racist laws and arbitrary measures in order to force them to leave their homes and place of residence.

Umm al-Fahm officials to stage strike Thursday to protest police brutality

[ 28/10/2010 - 11:22 AM ]

UMM Al-FAHM, (PIC)-- The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee in 1948-occupied territories, in cooperation with the Umm al-Fahm municipality, announced a city-wide strike to be held on Thursday to protest excessive police force used in clashes that erupted in the city one day back.

Radical Jews staged a provocative march on Wednesday in Umm al-Fahm calling for the Islamic Movement to be outlawed. Violent clashes broke out when police intervened as protesters, including Arab Knesset members, united to oppose the rally.

Arab committee chairman Mohammed Zeidan said undercover officers were planted in the crowd to instigate the attack.

Umm al-Fahm mayor Khalid Hamdan said Thursday’s strike will take effect in schools, public institutions, and commercial facilities in the city.

Alongside the strike, residents will march to commemorate the Kafr Kassem massacre, demonstrations to protest trials against the detainees will be launched in front of a courthouse in Nazareth, complaints will be filed by police assault victims, a special meeting will be held to follow up on a plan to tackle the racism issue, and messages will be circulated to the U.S., Russia, the EU, the UN, the PLO, the Israeli government, the Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic States concerning the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and the Arab masses’ opposition of population exchange.

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