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Israel's War on Lebanon Strengthened Lebanese Democracy !!!

Israel's War on Lebanon Strengthened Lebanese Democracy !!!

By Adib Kawar

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, November 8, 2010

Former US President, George W. Bush considered in his memoirs “Moments of Decision” that the “Israeli” war on Lebanon in July 2006 contributed to the weakening of Hezbollah and strengthened what he used to call “the newly born democracy in Lebanon”.

He as well uncovered that the destruction of the Syrian Dair Al-Zour (Deir Ezour) site was among “Moments of Decision” that he almost took, in response of an “Israeli” demand, had it not been for his fear of its repercussions, but he told the Zionist entity about the establishment; so it attacked it by which the “Israeli” Prime Minister” Ehud Olmert regained his self confidence which he lost due to his aggression on Lebanon.

About the July war, Bush said: “The newly born democracy in Lebanon became stronger due to this aggression, because it bore the experiment”, but “the results for ‘Israel’ were various”, and “its campaign against Lebanon weakened Hezbollah and helped it to protect its border” but “’Israel’s’ shaken military performance cost it international credibility”. But facts on the ground contradicts Bush’s usual unfounded lies…

Bush added in his memoirs, that is due distribution within days, he wrote that after a short while of receiving a report speaking about “A well enforced suspicious establishment in the Syrian Eastern desert”. He contacted Olmert, who told him: “George, I want you to bombard the compound”. Of course how could a US President deny an order from the Zionist entity’s order… something unbelievable and incredible!!!
The US claims, like it did with the case of Iraq the lie about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to justify invading and destroying Iraq, which was we say without doubt it was a Zionist order, that this site that the Zionist entity bombarded in 2007 was also an atomic reactor for developing atomic weapons, which was denied by Damascus. Bush received a report from the head of the Central Bureau Intelligence, Mike Hidden, at the time, saying that analysts have full confidence that this establishment used to contain an atomic reactor, but they are less sure of the presence of a Syrian atomic weapons program.

Bush says in his memoirs that he discussed the matter with his group of Central National Security, as well as “thinking” of bombarding the compound, “But bombarding a sovereign state without warning, announcement or justification shall result with a “strong reaction” as per the consideration of the former president.
Among the considered other options, was a secret strike, but the US Administration found out that the entering of a secret group into Syria, destroying the site and returning without being discovered is a great and serious risk.

Bush added that he told Olmert, “I cannot justify an attack on a sovereign state without having the intelligence agencies telling me that there is such a weapon program”.

Olmert was disappointed of Bush’s suggesting a strategy to employ diplomacy with a threatening in using of force in dealing with Syria, which made Olmert tell Bush: “Your policy is too disturbing for me”!!!
Bush denied what he called a rumor, that he gave “Israel” the “green light” to attack the site, and Olmert didn’t ask for a green light, and he didn’t give it, He did what he considered is the right action to protect Israel! Of course he is saying so to justify the Zionist entity’s act of war on a sovereign state, as if protecting its safety justifies all sort of atrocities, and as per all US Administrations Tel Aviv’s security is as important as that of Washington or more, doesn’t the attack on the USS Liberty that resulted with a warning to the survivals of the crew that by President Johnson if any of its members opens his mouth about the Zionist entity’s attack on the US war ship will be court marshaled, and the president’s order to his navy to “Sink that F… ship”. Is it not the US official policy that “Israel’s” military strength should exceed that of all Arab states combined.

While on the subject, Washington warned Damascus, this week in Vienna, that it shall face action by the Board of Governors of the International Agency for Atomic Energy, if it refuses to permit international inspectors to reach the remnants of the site. 

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