Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jeffrey Feltman to Syria's Faisal Mekkdad: "Let us proceed as agreed... all the rest is for Lebanese consumption!"

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Via NewTV, Beirut:
"After Jeff Feltman's ad-hoc trip to Beirut (shortly after Ahmadinejad's) it is reported that the US Asst. Secretary of State asked Mekkdad to "assist with the Iraqi impasse, as agreed between the US and Syria." Feltman went on to say that "there should not be linkage between the Iraq agreement and the atmospherics in Lebanon", and stressed to Mekkdad the need to have the Saudis and Iranians on board.  .... 
Having just started to 'recuperate' from Feltman's machinations in Paris, Riyadh and Beirut, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister was none too kind, to which America's Diplomat answered; "do not give too much credence to what we say to Beirut, ... what we say these is purely for Lebanese consumption, for those who cherish that sort of things, our 'allies' there, ... as for us, we 'proceed as agreed'..."
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