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Exclusive moqawama.org: Army-Resistance Cooperation Foils “Israeli” Espionage, Violations

Siraj Kobeissy

More onto the continuous "Israeli" espionage saga on Lebanon and its neighboring countries, Lebanon woke up today, Monday, to see another achievement to the Lebanese Army of dismantling more and more developed "Israeli" devices implanted in its territories and violating its sovereignty.

Barouk, Sannine, Majdal Silm, Shouf, Niha and many other regions in Lebanon forcefully encompassed the installations that were soon uprooted again owing to the relentless efforts of the resistance-army alliance.

The alliance of the Resistance and the Lebanese Army was formed, and proved to be successful in discovering "Israeli" espionage agents, devices, and networks; proving to be a team capable and apt of maintaining and protecting Lebanon's sovereignty.

Hicham Jaber: Resistance, Lebanese Army Cooperation Dismantles "Israeli" Devices, Foils "Israeli" Schemes
In light of the recent discovery of "Israeli" installations in the Shouf area in Mount Lebanon, retired Major General Dr. Hicham Jaber and Head of Middle East Center for Studies and Public Relations told moqawama.org that Lebanon's developed telecoms sector has become an aim to the Zionist enemy's intelligence, yet to no avail.
"The Lebanese telecommunications sector is highly developing, which is why this sector has become a major target to the "Israeli" intelligence violations. This is why in Lebanon, we notice that most agents and spies were recruited in the telecommunications sector", Maj. Gen. Jaber referred.

Maj. Gen. Jaber recalled the press conference held by Minister of Telecoms Charbel Nahhas, which on its part was evidence to "Israel's" insistence of targeting the Lebanese telecoms sector, whether the mobile or landline phone networks.

Regarding the most recent discovery of "Israeli" devices installed to spy on the resistance telecoms network in south Lebanon, Dr. Hicham Jaber explained that the "Israeli" enemy was trying to violate, spy, and monitor the network before these devices were detected and foiled.

""Israeli" espionage devices were installed last year between the southern areas of Maysa El Jabal, Markaba, Houla, and Majdal Silm, which were discovered last month. The aim of this espionage was to monitor the resistance's telecoms network", Maj. Gen. Jaber added.

In this context, he referred that today; telecoms devices are developing, adding that anything could be detected, even from miles away.

On the level of the recent discovery in Barouk and Sannine, Hicham Jaber said it is a very dangerous discovery, where audio visual espionage was conducted, on all Lebanon.
"The devices discovered, not only locate the target, but also capture the image as if it were 5 meters away. These could also locate the dimensions and coordinates of the target, which facilitates the mission of the "Israeli" warplanes", the military expert clarified.
"There could be other devices, only hundreds of meters away from the previously discovered locations", Maj. Gen. Jaber warned.

Military expert Jaber pointed out that there are many experts that could help in this field, yet as long as the Lebanese government has not yet realized the dangerous matter of the "Israeli" violations of its telecoms sector, on the level of discovering and revealing espionage devices or agents, there will be no reaction in this context.

As there has been an accumulation of the constant "Israeli" espionage operations, the retired Maj. Gen. said, "This affirms a total breach of the Lebanese sovereignty, and what has been revealed is only a tip of the iceberg of the remaining installed espionage devices".

Dr. Hicham Jaber stressed that all Lebanese firms and official institutions should be aware of "Israeli" violations, especially against the Lebanese telecoms sector, adding that just like there are espionage devices, there are also their "counterparts" to detect them.

Maj. Gen. Hicham Jaber further added competent personals are being recruited by the "Israeli" intelligence team, blaming the Lebanese government in first place for neglecting such "potencies" that lead to their collaboration with the enemy.
"There is information warfare nowadays," Jaber said, adding that whenever the enemy wants engage in any military operation, it would gather as much information as possible about its enemy.

In this case, Hicham Jaber clarified, the Resistance and the Lebanese army constitute the major "enemy" for "Israel", and that is why the latter tries to gather any information about its foe in order to monitor its operations.

Retired Maj. Gen. stressed, "These "Israeli" violations represent a major threat to the resistance and the Lebanese army, yet their [resistance and Lebanese army] achievements in discovering the "Israeli" devices, failed the "Israeli" schemes".

Regarding the recent Egyptian espionage network, Dr. Hicham said that there is a relation between that network and the networks discovered in Lebanon, adding that "Israel" would try all means and methods to spy on a target country.
"The Egyptian network, according to the Egyptian agent's testimonies, aimed at recruiting Lebanese spies for the "Israeli" Mossad, especially in the telecoms network", Dr, Hicham Jaber reminded.

Furthermore, Maj. Gen. Hicham Jaber stressed "Israel" is the only enemy to Lebanon, and this fact should be confronted with national responsibility.

Albert Mansour: Devices and Violation Revelation, Clear evidence of the Fruitful Cooperation Between the Resistance and the Lebanese Army

On his part, Former Lebanese Defense Minister, Albert Mansour, said that the latest discoveries of "Israeli" devices fall in context of the ongoing "Israeli" aggressions on Lebanon.

"The importance of revealing these devices and this violation is clear evidence to the significance of the fruitful cooperation between the resistance and the Lebanese army", former Minister Mansour affirmed to Moqawama.org.

He further added, "We should not set a blind eye to the privatization of companies in Lebanon, particularly the telecommunications sector, which has been vulnerable and open to agents of the Zionist entity".

Albert Mansour said, "The "Israeli" army keeps exploiting intelligence methods and techniques to sow strife among the Lebanese in order to dominate and realize the "Israeli"-US scheme in the country".

Former Minister Mansour added, "Thanks to the strong alliance between the resistance and the army, it has been able to dismantle all attempts of drifting the distance between the different Lebanese sects and parties in the country in order to take over the Lebanese arena".

Mansour pointed out that this scene proves the resistance was able to stand in face of the hardest challenges, and was the only power able of defeating the consecutive "Israeli" attempts of breaching Lebanon's sovereignty and independence.

"This is why, there have been many attempts to disfigure the image of the resistance and disarm it, as it is the sole movement in the country that has been able to stand up to the ongoing "Israeli" breaches and threats", former Defense Minister clarified.

Albert Mansour affirmed that there should be more awareness to the violations and breaches taking place against Lebanon, especially those under cover, be it companies or persons.

Qassem Hashem: Discoveries of "Israeli" Devices and Installations Constitute Victory to Lebanon, Defeat to the Enemy

On his part, Development and Liberation member MP Qassem Hashem said that the latest revelations come to prove the resistance's capability of defeating any violation or aggression against Lebanon and its sovereignty.

"Not only that", MP Hashem said, "but also it is evidence that the Zionist enemy does not abide by any international community, laws or organizations".

"Through our experience in Lebanon, we can see that this ("Israeli") enemy has not learned from any previous experience and persists with its blatant violations", MP Qassem Hashem told Moqawama.org.

Development and Liberation Bloc MP pointed out, "Today, we are before the "Israeli" violations on the telecoms sector as well as the other violations taking place on daily basis in breach of all international rules and regulations".

"We are also before an unprecedented cooperation between the resistance and the army, as well as a withstanding resistance that proved to be a requirement in face of the still existing "Israeli" threats and violations", MP Hashem added.

MP Qassem Hashem clarified that these consecutive discoveries of "Israeli" devices and installations constitute a victory to Lebanon and a defeat to the enemy, which on its part has been desperately trying to infiltrate the Lebanese society, but constantly fail to do so.

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