Monday, 27 December 2010

Wind of Change

Monday, December 27, 2010 at 3:55PM Gilad Atzmon
 "Wind of Change"
Gather round! Come gather round!
See the Caterpillars on stolen ground
Break the branch and rip the root,
Build Apartheid Wall and persecute!

(God?!) How can you talk to us of Love!
Your twisted zealots scream high above
To pain the humble and crush the dove.
The Zionist fist in a Cast lead glove.

So!  Is this your 'promised land'
This prison-camp of bloody sand?
And if they are your 'chosen people'
Should they wreak such racist evil?

Flesh-smudged concrete, pulverised bone,
Even the brutalised are'nt left alone.
We can see your Zionist 'kind' ;
Sinister evil of the Fascist mind!

Crimes of Aggression.  Crimes of War.
Then sound-bombs again for 'The Settlers' score!
Who will win your political election,
The Zionist bigot, or the Zionist whore?

Your 'chosen people' fear no blame!
Add Olives and Water to their list of shame:-
Shatila.  Sabra.  Quana.  Jenin.
Elders clutch keys as their memories scream

(God!) How will you talk to us about Love
Collective Punishment ordained from above?
Your gifts of siege and deprivation
Compliment the cruelty of your Zionist Nation!

So!  Witness the Flechettes, the D.I.M.E.-shredded gowns,
The White Phosphorus casings and bulldozed towns!
This hell-on-earth which you bestow......
Will light your pyre!

People of Conscience gather round
Now blow!  BLOW !
         (Arthur Jewell. Jan 2009)
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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