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Memorial Week for Palestine to begin in London

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Thursday, 13 January 2011 11:49
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The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is putting the final touches on its 2nd memorial week and International conference. PRC’s Palestinian Memorial Week will commence on Saturday 15th Jan till 22nd of Jan 2011. Workshops, Galleries, Film screening, discussions and awareness sessions will take place.
The memorial week and the conference will a chance to journalists for press stories and media coverage due to the following:

-Memorial Week is being launched annually for the 2nd time by PRC and other partner organizations.
- The Memorial Week is  a chance to commemorate the Palestinians victims over the past 62 years on the global level.
-Memorial Week coincide with the 2nd anniversary of Gaza onslaught.
-The 1-week-event will be advertised half page in Independent Newspaper.
-A key conference “Ongoing Nakba” will take place on Saturday 15th Jan, where 19 figures will speak.
-Conference will give floor for MPs, politicians, Academics and researchers to speak.
-Another Key Event will take place Sunday in Hyde Park 16th Jan 2011.
-Memorial Week will take place in more than 15 cities with total of 28 different activities.
-PRC will release its 4 Photo Galleries about Gaza, Palestinian Prisoners, Apartheid and the Nakba.
-Thousands of leaflets and media materials will be distributed nationwide.
-Movies about Palestine, flags and other gifts will be distributed.
-Three books recently published will be available on the Conference for Ben White, Salaman Abu Sita and Mads Gilbert.
-Ongoing Nakba Conference taking place in London, will be broadcasted live on PRC website:
- Ongoing Nakba Conference will host following speakers:
1.      Manuel Hassassin, Palestinian Ambassador
2.      Andy Slaughter MP
3.      John McHugo, Chair of Lib Dem Friends of Palestine
4.      Majed al-Zeer, PRC General Director
5.      Mads Gilbert, Activist and Doctor
6.      Tom Kitt, Irish Minister
7.      Jeremy Corbyn MP
8.      Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, Author of Atlas of Palestine
9.      Ghada Karmi, Professor and Activist
10.  Dr. Daud Abdullah, Director of Memo organization
11.  Ben White, Free lance journalist and author
12.  Baroness Jenny Tonge
13.  Muhammed Hamid, PRC Chair Board of trustees
14.  Dr. Hosam Hafez, Legal Expert
15.  Dr. Paul Larudee, Human Rights Activist
16.  Phyllis Starkey, Labour Party Politician and Former MP
17.  Rawan Al Damin, Filmmaker
18.  Ibrahim Hewitt, Human Rights Activist
19.  Nasim Ahmad, PRC senior researcher

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