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Sudan’s break-up: Bringing Nile water to Israel

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Two decades ago, when a military coup by a group of National Salvation Revolutionaries, lead by Brigadier General Omar Hassan Al- Basher (a pro-Islamic Front Party, NIF in his youth) took over the power in Khatoum by ending pro-West regime of Mohammed Jaafar al-Nimeiri – Israeli leaders had felt a great the same way as they show their great loss over the exit of Egptian dictator Hosni Mubarak this month.

However, the fear of a Sudan under pro-Islamist regime as compared to a future Egypt under pro-Muslim Brotherhood – was for different reasons, as like Egypt, Sudan doesn’t share a common border with the Zionist entity. But both Egypt and Sudan shares Nile River which can play a major source of water supply to every-thirsty Zionist entity. The leaders of the World Zionist movement were aware of the necessity of an abundunt supply of potable water in order to fulfil their dream of ‘Greater Israel’ in the Middle East. According to Muriel Mirak-Weissbach of the Schiller Institute, most of Israeli invasion of its Arab neighbors (Lebanon, Egypt and Syria) had been to occupy and exploit their water sources.

In the early 1990s, Muriel even testified in front of US House of Representatives Committee on International Relations that the alleged White slavery in Sudan was carried out by the agents of a foreign power and witting fraud on the Congress. She further stated that the policies being promoted by Christian Solidarity International, allegedly “a vehicle of the intelligence services of Great Britain . . . if implemented, would unleash genocidal war across the entire region of eastern Africa.”
Last year, Ben-Obama promised Khartoum that his administration will take Sudan off US’s list of ‘terrorist states’ if Khartoum accepts Sudan’s break-up.

Daniel Howden, in an article entitled “A failed state before it’s born? In the capital of world’s next nation”, in daily The Independent (January 7, 2011) wrote that nothing will change for ordinary citizen (25% Pagan and 5% Christians).

“Zionists realized that minorities in the Arab world represent a natural ally to their state of Israel and so they planned to build bridges with them. Zionist representatives communicated with the Kurds in Iraq, the people in southern Sudan, the Maronites in Lebanon, Kurds in Syria, and the Copts in Egypt; Zionism adopted the principle of divide and conquer, and saw that the most effective way to fragment the Arab world was to create secessionist movements within it,” Fahmi Howeidi, Al-Khaleej Times, January 14, 2011.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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