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US, Israel desperate with fear over Egypt

Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:38PM

Ken O'Keef
A domino effect has been set off in North Africa as Libya is now the third country in the area that has taken to the streets to topple what the opposition masses consider a totalitarian regime with Muammar Gaddafi at the head.

Press TV interviewed an international activist, Ken O'Keef regarding the Arab revolutions that are sweeping the Middle East and his admiration for the Arabs and his hopes for their success.

Press TV: The international activist and former US marine is now with us live from Gaza to share his thoughts with us. Ken, thanks for joining us. I just want to go now to the global and international reactions that the events in Libya have been attracting, and the role of the UN in Security Council. Now let's focus on the role of the United States first. The White House spokesman is calling for the respect of the rights of citizens, saying Washington will work with the international community to speak with one voice in condemning the violence. That is all they have been saying: to condemn the violence. We are not hearing anything about the humanitarian situation, the issue of diplomacy, and the issue of a democratic state in Libya and of course human rights. What do you think?

O'Keef: I am really looking forward to the day when the hypocrisy of the United States is not even allowed to be spread over the airwaves. For the United States to keep talking about respect for human rights is beyond absurd, as they are at least 1 million and a half dead people in Iraq who committed no crime except for having oil under their feet and military bases as part of the full spectrum dominance agenda. How many people have died in Afghanistan and Pakistan? It's impossible to tell. The hypocrisy is beyond acceptable.

The United States as well all know propped up brutal dictatorships around the world, and is continuing to fund and take care of its buddy Saudi Arabia and all sorts of dictators throughout history over the last several decades. So why would we even listen to what the United States says and take it seriously? There is nothing but perversion, bribery and tyranny behind the United States. That brings us to Egypt which I know the one billion plus dollars in bribe money that is going to Egypt is going to try and make sure that the revolution in Egypt does not end up serving the will of the people. So let's not take the United States seriously. They have no credibility at all. None.

Press TV: We are hearing about the situation in Egypt. If the people's revolution is bearing fruit since the ouster of Mubarak, what are the changes that could be interpreted as a materialization of the popular demands there?

O'Keef: Well I think we need to reach a point where we realize that this war on terror is a war of terror, and everybody who plays a role in that so-called war on terror is in fact a collaborator with the American imperialism and denial of human rights. I believe personally, but it's not up to me, it's up to us as people, and not just the Egyptian people but all of us. We are all connected. Everyone stands to gain by the success of these revolutions in the Middle East, and everyone stands to lose if these revolutions fail. So we must make sure that the people's will is respected, and the only way it will be respected is by the very same thing we are seeing right now.

That is that governments have started to fear the people. Only when governments fear the people will they actually do what we demand that they do. Otherwise they do all the same all things they have been doing in Egypt such as torturing people, imprisoning people, and killing people. I believe everything should center on our rights, a bill of rights and human rights. Everyone has rights. And don't you dare tell me that you're going to provide me security, but you have to take away my rights. No. We have rights and don't you even take to take away those rights.

I believe that should be the center of all our movements. Every single person shall be respected, and until such day comes when every single person on this planet is respected there will never justice and for damn sure there will never be peace. The only way we are going to have peace is when we have justice. So we must demand justice and must be willing to die if necessary. And I want to say love and respect to all the revolutionaries out there, and I want to say love and respect big time to the military that have put down their weapons. And if your commanders are ordering you to kill the people, then maybe you should turn your weapons on them.

Press TV: Ken, if you could just give us in a minute's time, what do you think the Arab uprising is about when we speak about the Israeli lobby and the United States and their concerns? Will they be able to in the protester's words “hijack” these uprisings?

O'Keef: Well, yes if the people do not continue to maintain the pressure and continue to do what they are doing. Let's not listen to the words restraint or calm. Let's be resolute. Let's be determined and let us never give up. I myself know that the powers are desperate. The Israeli Zionist project and the American imperialist project are on their knees. It's trying everything it can to maintain the system of power which has put people through hell for decades and decades. If we do not stop, and if we do not give up we can succeed. The whole planet and all people can succeed if we do not allow the tyranny to continue and I must say one last thing. Palestine is where we are going ultimately. Palestine must be free. There is no question about that. It is at the heart of all injustice. So let it happen sooner rather than later.

Press TV: Thanks very much. That was International Activist and Former Marine, Ken O'Keef joining us live from Gaza.


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