Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hariri Declares War on Resistance Arms.. Berri Challenges Him

Before “officially” joining the “new opposition” with the expected formation of the new government, the remains of the March 14 forces, decided to declare “war” against its rivals, launching the true “coup” it’s accusing its rivals of adopting.

That’s it. Without prior notice and with no occasion, the head of the caretaker government Saad Hariri appeared on Monday to launch the “war” on the Resistance and its arms, forgetting that he used to back the weapons for six years in which he “ruled” the country.

Hariri announced “war” against those he sought to form alliances with them and those with whom he claimed “partnership”. However, he’s right. Those he sought to ally with them “betrayed” him. They had the courage to topple him. They had the courage to overthrow his government and name someone else to head the new government, after he thought that premiership was his “exclusive” right.

Because they did, they deserve punishing. Attacking the Resistance’s arms is only the first step. It comes as a prelude to the second step, expected in March 14, the day in which Hariri seeks to “repeat history.”

On Monday, Hariri declared the war…

He claimed that the Resistance arms have become a "national problem" which needs a national solution par excellence, before anything else.

During a meeting at the Center House with Future Movement ministers, MPs and officials, Hariri went on to say that “the supremacy of weapons over political and cultural life in Lebanon is the problem … that prevents the regularization of public life in our country.”

Hariri accused the rival camp of torpedoing an alleged Saudi initiative to hold a national reconciliation conference in Riyadh. “We have not heard any of you commenting on the reality of this initiative. All we have heard, once again, were accusations of treason and false allegations,” Hariri said.

Bored of such accusations, Hariri concluded that the Lebanese system and the economic, social, cultural, political and constitutional life, as well as the right of the Lebanese people to a secure and safe life, will never be achieved as long as these weapons are ready to be used against countrymen. “We want to tell you that if you have weapons, this doesn't mean that you are right. The weapons may give control, but they don't give a majority. The majority is produced by the ballot boxes, without weapons.”
While Hezbollah, as expected, didn’t comment on Hariri’s new “war,” Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri snapped back at him saying a country's “capital would collapse if there is no presence of strong arms on its border.”

“This is exactly what happened in 1982,” Berri told Lebanese daily As-Safir. “Hadn't the resistance planted its seeds in the infamous Khalde battle, Israel wouldn't have gradually pulled out.”

“The Resistance will continue to hold onto these weapons until (Israel) withdraws from the Shebaa farms, Kfarshouba hills and the Lebanese part of Ghajar,” Berri said, in response to Hariri’s tense speech.

Without mentioning Hariri, Berri advised him to live the real experience in the south rather than making speculations. He also said that those objecting to the weapons should reside in the border town of Yaroun for a few days and realize how Israel monitors the area. “Let them then tell me if they insist on holding onto their stance.”

The Speaker emphasized that critics of the Resistance’s arms “never sympathized with southerners.”

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