Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Future Party Wants Syrian Ambassador to Be Summoned!

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Believe it or not, the Future party in Lebanon wants the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon to be summoned…

After the party’s involvement* in the latest developments in Russia (syria) was uncovered, the party chose to “defend” itself by “attacking” the other party, and Syria of course.

Thus, the party didn’t hesitate to call on caretaker Foreign Minister Ali Shami to summon Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali, after the latter urged Lebanese authorities to take legal action against a Future Movement MP who was believed to be involved in Syria’s unrest.

“The bloc demands the foreign minister summon the Syrian ambassador to clarify his statements on this issue and asks Speaker Nabih Berri to call on Parliament to discuss the issue,” said a statement released by the Future Movement parliamentary bloc, following their weekly meeting.

However, Shami responded shortly after the release of the Future Movement statement, saying that he did not have the right to summon the Syrian ambassador without the approval of the government. He explained that such a decision requires a cabinet session. "Thus, Minister al-Shami urges the prime minister to call for an extraordinary government session to discuss this issue and take the appropriate stance," said a statement issued by Shami’s press office.

The Syrian diplomat urged the Lebanese judiciary to take action against Future Movement lawmaker Jamal Jarrah, one day after Syrian state-run television aired the “confessions” of a three-member terrorist cell saying they had received funds and weapons from Jarrah to fuel a wave of protests against the ruling Baath regime.

The Future parliamentary bloc said the allegations were an organized campaign to distract the movement from addressing national issues. “The Future Movement reiterates its rejection of intervening in Syrian affairs and announces clearly that the movement and its parliamentary bloc did not and will not intervene,” the statement said. “This organized media and political campaign against the Future Movement, and particularly false accusations against MP Jamal Jarrah, are condemned,” it added.
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