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Israel fears its ‘Nakba’ in September 2011

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 Last month, Zionist entity’s defense minister Ehud Barak speaking at the International Security Studies Institute in Tel Aviv, warned his audience: “We are facing a political tsunami of which most members of the public are unaware. There is an international movement which will recognize a Palestinian state on 1967 borders. It would be wrong to ignore this tsunami. Israel’s de-legitimization is in sight. It’s very dangerous and requires action”.

Ehud Barak was referring to the coming annual session of United Nations General Assembly in New York in September 2011. The Palestinian Authority under control of Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to table a motion for the World Body’s recognition of an independent Palestinian State within 1967 borders (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem).

Washington did not see any problem with the head of European Jewish terrorist groups, David Ben Gurion’s unilaterally declaration of State of Israel on May 14, 1948. But now, Obama’s Zionist Jew adviser, Dennis Ross, has advised Palestinian factions to negotiate Palestinian state status with the Zionist regime instead of taking some unilaterally action and asking for United Nations’ recognitition. This was meant to be a warning that Washington will use its veto power to block any such move.

Interestingly, Yossi Sarid wrote in Israeli daily Ha’aretz on November 13, 2009 that Mahmoud Abbas has historical right to declare Palestinian state unilaterally as “Ben Gurion would not have begrudged such a pretty act of plagiarim from his declaration of independence”.

“For 42 years Israel has been scattering prior conditions and faits accomplis all over, marking them with red tile roofs and making the peace process into nothing more than a never-ending process. before Abu Mazen quits, he has just one more job to do: He must declare, unilaterally, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Palestine now,” wrote Yossi.

However, if PA declares a Palestinian statehood before the UN Assembly session in September, its action cannot be called a ’unilaterally declaration’ - as over 100 countries have endorsed the Palestinians’ 1988 declaration of independent statehood. Among them, several Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, have recognized an independent Palestinian state.

The would be reaction of the Zionist regime to Palestinian declaration of a statehood can be judged by Ethan Bronner, the New York Times correspondent in Jerusalem who last week cited a senior Israeli official who said: “The world thinks that it will force Israel to recognize the 1967 borders and the division of Jerusalem as a basis for negotiations? That will never happen.”

The Zionist regime’s claim that United Nations partitioned British mandated Palestine is nothing but one of many lies on which the Zionist entity has claimed its legitimacy. The fact of the matter is, Ben Gurion had unilaterally declared the creation of Israel on May 14, 1948 without prior recognition of a single member of United Nations. After Ben Gurion’s declaration United States became the first country to recognize the new state created on land stolen from its natives. A few hours later, USSR also recognized the Zionist entity.

Mahmoud Abbas has no mandate from Palestinians to make any such declaration. His mandate expired in January 2009. Now, the only democratically elected body in occupied Palestine is Hamas, which has the constitutional right to declare an independent State of Palestine, whenever it choses to do.

Abbas’s action will only provide Zionist-regime an excuse to carry-out another massacre of 1.5 million Palestinian traped inside tiny Gaza Strip. It’s something Abbas wanted Jewish army to do during its 2008 ‘Operation Cast Lead’. In reality, both Israel and Abbas want to see an end to the Islamic Resistance Hamas, so that Fatah can throw Palestinians to the dogs.

Palestinian remember the creation of state of Israel by the western colonial powers on May 14, 1948 – as al-Nakba (Cataclysm).
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