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Lutf Divulges Paltalk Rooms' Fabricated Lies and Instigation against Syria

Apr 27, 2011

Damascus, (SANA)-Blogger and Member of Arab Journalists Union in America, Rafiq Lutf, has divulged the black rooms on the American Paltalk Website which fabricates lies and instigates against Syria through giving instructions and plans for the people, and contacting media bodies.

Lutf said that the black rooms also fabricate films and add voices to them, adding that the films are originally taken from support rallies and later fabricated as the support slogans are changed into opposition slogans.

In an interview with the Syrian TV Satellite Channel, Lutf said "A strange room called' Freedom and Justice' suddenly appeared on the Paltalk Website as it encompassed about 20 members at the beginning, and then the number increased to 30 and later it reached 1,000 and then 2,000."

Lutf lived in the USA since he was 16 years old and he has recently returned to Syria. He is one of the witnesses who have been able to disclose the conspiring group against Syria through the Paltalk rooms as he has a room on the website, and he is experienced in the work of this room on the internet.
"We tried to know the reason behind this sudden increase in the number, and we discovered that the members of the room are strange groups which are not of Syrian nationality, but of various Arab nationalities as most of them are from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon…We also found Wahhabi rooms supporting and instructing this room to reach the international level on the Paltalk," Lutf said.
He added "When we entered this room, we found some people who are Syrians, but they speak with strange dialects, and it seemed that they whether live in Europe or Saudi Arabia or some of the Gulf States such as Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates."
"The most prominent figures in this room were named 'Sajed', 'Anas Bin Malek' and 'Ahmed al-Souri', and these figures are the backbones of this room while the other figures didn't speak in order not to be divulged as they are not Syrians…These figures were calling the media bodies, and giving plots for people, in addition to phoning the satellite channels, and fabricating films and adding voices to them," Lutf said.
A sound clip of the so called 'Sajed' clearly indicated that he was giving instructions on how to demonstrate and to do acts of sabotage as he says the first step is to make small and daily demonstrations in different areas, particularly at night without excluding the small villages and towns.
The second step according to 'Sajed' is to set fire to the security cars, and to write slogans of revolution on them, in addition to putting barricades, burning tires, cutting off and jamming the communications of the regime, and cutting the electricity.
The third step, is to spread rumors about secessions and disputes among the leaders of the regime and its officials, while the fourth step is to call the security officials and the officials of the regime, in addition to some of its supporters of the scholars and official figures to tell them that if they continue to support the regime, they will be prosecuted.
 The fifth step is to write slogans on the walls condemning the regime, in addition to revolutionary slogans while the sixth step is to burn the pictures of President Bashar al-Assad and his father and brother, in addition to destructing the statues and insulting the regime in various ways and means.
The seventh step is to get on the balconies and the roofs of the houses to chant revolutionary slogans and to take photos for the demonstrations and protests while the final step is to call the Syrian diplomats abroad to urge them for joining the revolution and to make frequent demonstrations weekly near the Syrian embassies.
'Sajed' said in the sound clip" The agenda is clear which is instigating the people to go in non-peaceful demonstrations and to do acts of sabotage through giving clear instructions for more than 2,000 members of this network whose main task is to spread these schemes and to work on realizing them on the ground."
He added" It is the time to work…and this is a website for SMSs free of charge, and our meeting is after Friday Prayer in all the villages and governorates…You must send SMSs to all the brothers."
Another person in the sound clip said" I have a practical step…there is a website sending mass SMSs…When the brothers open the website, they can send 50, 000 SMSs to Damascus…this websites costs from USD 200 to 300, and one or two thousand SMSs can be sent."
Lutf said" They started to contact security bodies, governmental directorates, hospitals and some of the well-known figures in the Syrian society, and they started to sow sedition in various ways…They also phoned the police at midnight and gave them false news."
In the sound clip 'Sajed' said to somebody "My brother let us serve the agenda of al-Jazeera Satellite Channel…We want an eyewitness, so what is better to show an eyewitness and to listen to him or not… Anything said by media is welcomed, and this is what we want."
The Paltalk is an American chat website which started its work in 1998 through providing the service of audio chatting, and later it started to provide audio and visual chatting, in addition to the written one.
The people who enter the Paltalk meet in virtual rooms as the number of each room's users reach about 2,000, and the room is sometimes managed by the person who established it assisted by the person whom he chosen.
The employees of the Paltalk can secretly enter the website, and listen and watch what is happening on it. At first glance, the website seems to be only a social communication website, but it is used for other purposes, and it contains a huge number of the audio rooms divided according to the region and the country.
H. Zain / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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