Saturday, 2 April 2011

To bomb or not to bomb...

NATO, which is a mixed-salad,
was  created to bomb Communism, but
  now it bombs the Muslims , only to defend them.

the USA has handed over the command
of the Libyan-invasion, into the care of NATO .

For those of us , who came from another planet,
I hereby inform them that :
NATO was founded by the USA
The USA is the back-bone of the NATO
The USA is the main financier of the NATO
The USA is by far the biggest member in the NATO
Because of the USA , all NATO members have even to speak English.
Finally,  the commander in chief of the NATO ,
is always a  US-General ......

This means today , 
that if , or when, anything goes wrong,
the NATO shall be blamed........ (and not the USA.)

Eng. Moustafa  RoosenbloomDouble-agent-but-for-one-employer
Posted by Tlaxcala at 3:45 PM
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