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Ukrainian security participated in Sisi's abduction

[ 15/04/2011 - 08:46 PM ]

KIEV, (PIC)-- A Ukrainian human rights activist has accused the Ukrainian intelligence of helping the Israeli Mossad in Kidnapping Palestinian engineer Dr. Dhurar Abu Sisi last Febuary, describing such an incident as big shame on Ukraine.

According to the eyewitness Andre Makarinko who said he was in the same train cabin with Abu Sisi when the kidnapping incident took place, two plain cloths Ukrainian officials approached Abu Sisi and asked him in Russian to produce his documents and papers before taking him away with them to an unidentified place.

"A third plain cloth person came in moments later, and searched Abu Sisi's luggage and jackets, and when I asked him about his identity and why they took Abu Sisi, he identified himself as an Ukrainian intelligence officer and showed me his ID card to prove it saying that everything is alright," said Makariniko in an interview with Al-Jazeera net.

For her part, Veronica Abu Sisi, the wife of the Palestinian engineer, said that the Israeli TV channel ten contacted her few days ago while it was hosting Noam Shalit, the father of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who told her that her husband will remain in captivity till his son is released from Hamas's hands.

"He asked me to pressure Hamas to release his son, but I explained to him and made it clear to everybody that I and my husband have nothing to do with Hamas or any Palestinian group," Veronica said.

She also added that the Israeli occupation authorities put her husband in solitary confinement that caused his health to deteriorate badly. The IOA accused Abu Sisi of helping the Palestinian people in Gaza to overcome the electrical power shortage in Gaza that was caused by the Israeli siege on Gaza.

However, dozens of lawyers and human rights activists joined a group of the Palestinian community in Ukraine in a demonstration before the Ukrainian foreign ministry demanding that Ukraine should bring Abu Sisi back safely and unconditionally, stressing that he entered the Ukraine legally and thus the Ukrainian government is ethically and legally bound to secure his safe return to his family.

The demonstrators chanted anti-Israeli slogans and lambasted the Ukrainian government for helping the Israeli Mossad in this heinous act.

They also urged their government to recognize the independent Palestinian state, stressing that the international community's reluctance to recognize the Palestinian state was the core of the world's problems.

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