Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bled dry by Zionists and ripped apart by tornadoes

By Richard Edmondson

On Sunday, as Obama was prostrating and humbling himself at the AIPAC conference, Nature was getting ready to strike the city of Joplin, Missouri with the full force of its fury.  Here we see some footage of the devastation from RT:

Three weeks ago, in the wake of the tornadoes that swept through Alabama and several other states, I posted an article comparing aid to Israel with that of assistance to U.S. tornado victims. Here in part is what I wrote:

Each time disaster strikes somewhere inside the U.S., the Zionists who run Washington make a big show of rushing to provide assistance to the poor, poverty-stricken Gentiles whose A-frame homes, house trailers, and small businesses have been wrecked by the latest “aberration” of nature.

“I’ve never seen devastation like this. It is heartbreaking,”
said Obama Friday while touring the state of Alabama—decimated by what was the worst tornado outbreak in at least 37 years, and maybe even the worst in history.

On Tuesday and Wednesday approximately 258 tornadoes, some up to a mile wide, hit not only Alabama, but also Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia, with some of the twisters traveling more than a hundred miles on the ground. The storms included a
multiple-vortex tornado that hit Cullman County, Alabama, as well as one particularly massive funnel cloud, perhaps a mile wide, that rampaged through both the cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa and is estimated to have traveled some 180-225 miles altogether. At least 350 people were killed and thousands were left homeless.

Well, we once again seem to be at a similar junction. The latest news , as of late in the day Tuesday, places the death toll in Joplin at 117 (that number may rise, however, for at least 1,500 people are still missing), while a new tornado has just struck Oklahoma City. But what transpired on Sunday, as the Zionist plunderers were holding their “policy conference” in Washington, is winds of 198 miles per hour wrought a six-mile path of destruction through Joplin, completely obliterating a hospital, a school, smashing cars, and splintering homes into kindling. The Weather Channel has an interesting "before" and "after" photo comparison of the city’s St. John's Regional Medical Center. Have a look.

The same site also provides "before" and "after"
satellite images of parts of two different counties in Alabama that were leveled by the tornadoes of late April. In this case, you simply run your mouse over the images to see the contrast in views—but again, it's well worth having a look.

In his speech at AIPAC (see
transcript ), Obama gave assurances that American tax dollars will continue to flow in the billions to the Zionist state. His words, you will notice, were met with repeated rounds of applause:

Because we understand the challenges Israel faces, I and my administration have made the security of Israel a priority. It’s why we’ve increased cooperation between our militaries to unprecedented levels. It’s why we’re making our most advanced technologies available to our Israeli allies. (Applause.) It’s why, despite tough fiscal times, we’ve increased foreign military financing to record levels. (Applause.) And that includes additional support –- beyond regular military aid -– for the Iron Dome anti-rocket system. (Applause.) A powerful example of American-Israeli cooperation — a powerful example of American-Israeli cooperation which has already intercepted rockets from Gaza and helped saved Israeli lives. So make no mistake, we will maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge. (Applause.)

Well we can understand why his audience would be so blissfully happy. Israel receives approximately $3 billion a year in direct military assistance, or roughly $8.2 million per day, from the U.S. taxpayers. Add in the cost of the wars currently being fought on the Zionist state’s behalf, as well as other “indirect” assistance, and the figure shoots up into the trillions. At present, the national debt of the United States stands above $14 trillion. Why, mired in such colossal arrears, are we still giving huge sums of money each year to Israel, a state which has more billionaires per capita than any other nation in the world? With this kind of wealth, why can’t Israel fund its own military? Why must it continuously, year after year, leech off of America? The national wealth of the American nation is being plundered. With our politicians bought off and our media controlled by Zionists, the American people are being played for suckers. What in essence we are witnessing here is a classic case of a parasite slowly killing its host. And as we watch the host inch closer and closer to ruin and deprivation, we now observe the parasites, lo and behold, preparing to invade a new host.

As James Petras has noted, Israel, with only a modest tax increase upon its wealthiest citizens, could easily afford to pay its own military expenses. So why don’t they? Apparently the answer is: they simply don’t feel like it. Here is what Petras has to say on the matter:

The fact that Israel has more billionaires per capita than any other country has not prevented its Zionist supporters in the US from pressing for additional 20 billions in aid over the next decade. Unlike the past, today Israel’s wealth concentration has less to do with its being the biggest recipient of foreign aid ...Israel’s handouts is a political issue: Zionist power over the Congressional purse. Given the total wealth of Israel’s billionaires a five percent tax would more than compensate for any cut off of US foreign aid. But that is not about to happen simply because Zionist power in America dictates that the US taxpayers subsidize Israel’s plutocrats by paying for their offensive weaponry.

Two days ago, I posted some information on an interview Cynthia McKinney did over the weekend with Iran's Press TV in which the former Georgia Congresswoman revealed that candidates for federal office in the United States have in the past been required to sign pledges of support for Israel. Refusal to sign the pledge resulted in the candidate being unable to obtain funding for her or his campaign. If you have not read the story or seen the Cynthia McKinney videos, I urge you to do so, for they are an eye-opener.

In my
article on the tornadoes of three weeks ago, I talked about disaster relief monies allocated to FEMA by way of the Department of Homeland Security's annual budget. For 2011, the funding level requested was $1.95 billion—more than a billion dollars less than what Israel received this year in direct aid from our government. Here in part is what I wrote:

FEMA is at best a band aid. In dispensing disaster assistance money, the agency authorizes up to $28,000 per household—not nearly enough for a family which has lost everything in a major storm or other catastrophe. Also, the words “up to” are particularly important, since the full $28,000 is not guaranteed to every household in every case. Sometimes it’s only a fraction of that. This money “is meant to help you with critical expenses that cannot be covered in other ways,” reads the official FEMA website. “This assistance is not intended to restore your damaged property to its condition before the disaster.”

On Sunday, Obama closed out his speech at the AIPAC conference with a perorative appeal that no doubt will win him many Jewish votes in the 2012 election, and probably (even more importantly) lots of Jewish money for his campaign. Here is what he said:

Thank you. God bless you. God bless Israel, and God bless the United States of America. (Applause.) Thank you.

But as I noted in a three-part series of articles I wrote seven months ago, our support for the racist, murderous, apartheid state of Israel does not seem to be bringing us many blessings from God.

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