Thursday, 12 May 2011

Israel Canceled Residency of 140, 000 Palestinian without Notice

The Zionist entity’s attempts to enforce the Israeli domination in the Palestinian territories and eliminate the native Palestinian existence never end.
An official document obtained by Haaretz revealed Wednesday that Israel has used a covert procedure to cancel the residency of 140,000 West Bank Palestinians without a previous warning between 1967 and 1994.
The Israeli paper clarified that Palestinian residents of the West Bank who intended to travel abroad during that period were required to leave their ID cards at an Israeli border crossing in exchange with a permission card for crossing the borders.

This permission was validated for three years and could have been renewed for three consecutive times. If the Palestinian resident did not return after a maximum period of six months after the card's expiration, they would be registered as “NLRs” that is “no longer residents”, without any warning or notice.

The newspaper indicated that “the West Bank's Palestinian population reached 1.05 million in 1994, which means the population would have been greater by about 14 percent if it weren't for the procedure”.

According to Haaretz “a similar procedure is applied today on Palestinians residing in East Al Quds. They would lose their right to return if they have been abroad for seven years”.
The “NLR” list includes students who graduated from foreign universities, businessmen and laborers who left for work in the Gulf.
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