Saturday, 14 May 2011

Jeffrey Feltman's 'three pronged formula' for Bahrain?


"... Sources close to the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq believe that the efforts of Dr Adel Abdul Mahdi, who «has during the past few days paid successful visits east and west», relay that Abdul-Mahdi met by the Deputy Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman and delivered to him a clear message stating that «what is happening in Bahrain so far is still under control .... That the street is still 'manageable', in spite of all this injustices, oppression and abuse....but that the situation is not 'sustainable' and that the ISIC blames the United States for the fluid situation ... The sources added that Feltman's reply was 'surprising', as assured Abdul Mahdi that the Americans were also worried that things can slip and expressed the US's willingness to make every effort to 'diffuse the situation.' ..... ... ...  that 'there is widespread resentment in Congress and the White House due to what is happening in Bahrain and apparently, Feltman devised the following three pronged formula for a solution: First, to launch a dialogue between the the Wifaq Movement and the King, (with the Crown Prince, who started such a dialogue, present). Second, the withdrawal of Saudi security forces from Bahrain, and third, the return to the pre-riots status. ...According to the Iraqi sources,  the Americans are 'embarrassed and fear the reaction of the Saudis' who have already threatened to stop doing business with Washington in response to an earlier American initiative. So, according to the sources, Washington believes that the best solution is to to have a 'third party, namely the ISIC,  who maintains good  relations with Riyadh, mediate... Abdul-Mahdi was quick to seize the initiative, during this meeting, and relayed it to the concerned parties such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The Saudis have allegedly, expressed their readiness to deal with the initiative, provided that Iran has NO role whatsoever. The Iranians, who are known to be savvier than the Saudis, expressed their willingness to 'provide assistance', even under the table, in order to ensure cooperation with Saudi Arabia..."
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