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Levy: ‘Israel is more insecure than ever’

Posted on May 9, 2011 by rehmat1

“It is unlikely that Israel will welcome a more independent, strategic or empowered Palestinian counterpart. Yet, Israel is today more, not less, insecure and uncertain of its future,” wrote Daniel Levy in Gurdian (April 28, 2011). Levy is a former adviser to PM Ehud Barak and currently a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, a neocon think tank.
In February 2011 – Daniel Levy wrote in the Prospects for Peace, under the title “After Mubarak – What Does Israel Do?” In the said article, Levy accepted the fact that Israel used the 1978 Camp David Accords to serve its expansion policy – from 10,000 settlers living in the West Bank in 1978, they have increased to over 300,000 today.

“Since signing the accord with Egypt, Israel has conducted several large-scale military campaigns against Lebanon and against the Palestinians, launched bombing raids against Syria and Iraq, and conducted high-profile assassinations in Jordan and the UAE — and that is only a partial list,” wrote Levy.

One crucial point which Levy keeps avoiding is why Israel being the only nuclear power in the Middle East and reicipant of US$3 billion annual military aid – is so insecure? The main reason for Israel’s insecurity is being an artificial entity created for the foreign Jews who don’t share racial, social, political, cultural and religious background with the indigenous population. Furthermore, even the Israeli Jews differ from each other; Polish, Russian, German, Swiss, British, American, Moroccan, Iraqis, Kurds, African, Austrian, Australian and many other countries.

I have heard the lame excuses from professional Zionist propagandists defending Israel being not an artificial state – by comparing it with Pakistan, UAE, Lebanon, Kosova, etc. Though like Israel those countries were created by the European colonists to help their imperialism – the native inhabitants of those countries were not replaced by foreign settlers.

The other reason the Zionist-regime cannot live in peace with natives communities under its rule or its Arab neighbors – is because while the Arabs yearn for peace for a better life – the Zionists consider an Israel in peace with its neighbors cannot survive much longer.

Many politically-aware honest American believe that Israel Lobby consisting of Zionist Jews, noeconservatives, Evangelists and other Muslim-haters who control US administration - are the greatest enemies of Israel and the world Jewry. These warmongers plan to destroy all vestiges of Muslim independence and to remove all opposition to Zionist regime’s agenda.

This is a recipe for ultimate destruction of Israel as five million Israeli Jews even with the backing of Washington, London, Paris, Bonn and Ottawa, cannot fight against 350 million Arabs forever.
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