Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Democracy and the Syrian choice...........

Zenobia ,
who said No !!
is the symbol for Syria

In Syria , it is unlike in Egypt, or in Tunis,
the Army will not support the uprising
because the Army in Syria the Syrian-Regime !! itself.

You may compare Syria to Algeria
and to the role of the Algerian army........

And being in a "state-of-war" ,
this makes the Syrian-Army
as being itself, the people-of-Syria.

Last and not least :
You do not destroy your last remaining " shield "
just because it is not democratic !!!

Syria without its Army,
is a Syria with its pants down !!!

While , Syria is surrounded by the rebel-Lebanon
and the Giant-Turkey and the troubled-Iraq
and the traitorous-Jordan and the Zionist-Israel

How can you expect Syria to "change "
with such neighbours.....?? !!

Change Israel first !!
Close first Israel´s Embassies
in Amman and Cairo and Doha
and Casablanca and Oman and Tunis !!!

Raja Chemayel

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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