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Mass grave containing bodies of security forces personnel, killed by armed groups in Jisr al-Shughour, discovered

Mass grave containing bodies of security forces personnel, killed by armed groups in Jisr al-Shughour, discovered

Idleb- A mass grave containing bodies of security forces personnel, who were killed by the armed terrorist groups in Jisr al-Shughour, was discovered in the presence of more than 20 Arab and foreign mass media.

SANA correspondent spoke about the atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist groups and about the martyrs' bodies mutilation.

He added that a member of the terrorist groups confessed committing massacres and making mass graves against police and security forces in Jisr al-Shughour.
He indicated that ten bodies were exhumed from the mass grave, and the heads and limbs of most of them were cut with cleavers and they were shot in different parts.

Member of Terrorist Groups Confesses to Mutilating Bodies, Rapping, Murdering Women
Jun 13, 2011

DAMASCUS, SANA_ Syrian TV on Monday broadcast the confession of the terrorist Anwar Nafee al-Dosh a member of the terrorist groups that committed a massacre against police and security forces, horrified residents and committed many crimes including raping and killing four ladies from Aleppo.

Al-Dosh said in front of many Arab and foreign TV cameras that the mastermind of the gang he belongs to is Hussein Nawaf. "Hussein committed the massacre and beheaded the ten members of the security forces and Anas Qatroun from Jisr al-Shughour asked for making a mass grave as a step to accuse the army of committing it." Al-Dosh added.

Al-Dosh said that he opened fire on a person called Imad, pointing out that the number of group he belongs to is 40 members.

He added that two persons, Zattar and Hamdin, were also masterminds of the group, pointing out that people who participated in burying the soldiers and security members in a mass grave are Hussein, Rashid and Ahmad Issa.

Al-Dosh said that heads of the groups threatened him if he had not participated with them in killing the security members, they would have slaughtered him. "They said they committed the blood bath for freedom," al-Dosh said.

He pointed out that the money was given to them from Kherbet-Ajjoz village through a person who would distribute it among them to be used for attacking police and security headquarters and public buildings.

Al-Dosh underlined that he received SYP 50 thousands and he was promised to be given another 50,000, pointing out that he received money from Zatar who escaped to Turkey after he was injured. "Zatar brought the money from Lebanon," he said.

The criminal confessed that he, in addition to Hussein, Rashid, Tharwat and Abdul-Fattah, raped four ladies from Aleppo, killed them and chopped off their bodies and then threw them in the Orontes River.

Media Correspondents Accompanying Army Shocked of Terrorist Acts

"Some TV channels said that al-Kfair village is destroyed …we, as a media delegation, visited the village we could see that the buildings there are safe...they are not destroyed as they alleged," Director of ANB Channel in Damascus Journalist Safaa Mohammad said.

She added that Army members gave supplies of food, water and bread to local residents after the bad humanitarian condition they went through due to the criminal acts of the terrorist groups, pointing out that the arrival of the army would help people come back to their houses.

"Our visit to Military Security building, where 83 security members were killed by the terrorists, reveals that the members were killed in a very heinous and gruesome way… they made a butchery out of a sink where they cut off the members' heads and then dragged them out to be buried in a mass grave, as other were burned."

"The national hospital was in a very bad condition after the gunmen destroyed and vandalized its contents including modern medical equipment…they put medical staff and patients out."

"All that highlight that the organized armed groups are logistically backed by Arab, regional and western countries and that indicates the volume of the conspiracy hatched against Syria," Mohammad added.

For his part, Lebanese NBN TV correspondent, Ghanem Sharaf-Eddin said that the soldiers of the Syrian army were greatly welcomed by residents, pointing out that they were afraid when the forces entered the city in the beginning due to the big provocative campaign made by the misleading media.

Sharaf-Eddin said that the delegation saw the vandalizing acts which targeted state buildings, the real-estate bank and the post office in addition to the mass grave.
"People and journalists cried and wept when they watched the corpses, being astonished by the atrocity of the crime and that proves the volume of lies and fabrication broadcast outside about what is going on in Syria," he said.
R. Milhem / Ghossoun

Army Units Restore Security to Jisr al-Shaghour, Hunt Down Fleeing Members of Armed Terrorist Groups
Jun 13, 2011

DAMASCUS, SANA_ Syrian TV on Sunday evening broadcast photos of the mass grave containing mutilated bodies belonging to police and security forces that were killed by armed terrorist groups in Jisr al-Shughour.

The heinous crime exceeded the act of killing to maiming upon the corpses, as the photos show that most of the corpses were mutilated and beheaded with sharp cleavers in addition to gunshot wounds found in several parts of the bodies.

The TV also broadcast the confession of the terrorist, Anwar Nafe al-Dosh, a member of armed terrorist groups in Jisr al-Shugour, who narrated the details of the massacre committed against the police and security forces.

Syrian TV correspondent said that a mass grave containing the bodies of 12 security forces personnel killed by the armed terrorist groups was discovered, with more than 20 Arab and foreign mass media documenting this horrid crime and the atrocities committed by the terrorist groups who mutilated the bodies and cut off their heads and limbs with cleavers.
A member of the terrorist groups who participated in this massacre confessed to mutilating the bodies of security forces personnel along with others, saying that they also raped and murdered a number of women and dumped their bodies in Orontes River.

He also confessed to preparing mass graves to bury the security forces martyrs in them. Syrian TV correspondent said that a field hospital set up by the armed groups in the mountains was also discovered.

Army units on Monday restored security and tranquility to the city of Jisr al-Shaghour after clearing it from the armed terrorist groups that terrorized the locals, attacked public and private properties, and wrought havoc in the city.

SANA correspondent in Idleb reported that the army units are pursuing some of the members of the armed groups that appear from time to time after fleeing the city and heading for the surrounding mountains, Turkish border areas and Ma'arat al-Nu'man.
Syrian TV correspondent pointed out that the army units were careful to preserve private and public property and houses from harm and ensure their safety, and that damage was limited to the vandalism committed by the armed groups during their time in the cities.

Earlier, Army units entered Jisr al-Shughour in Idleb after dismantling explosives and explosive charges of dynamite planted by the organized armed groups on bridges and roads, assuming control of the city.

SANA correspondent in Idleb reported fierce clashes took place between the army units and the armed members in the city, and that one army soldier was martyred and four others were wounded during these clashes.

The correspondent said people in Alkseer village in Jisr al-Shughour welcomed the army with flowers and rice, denying that they were abused by the army. Two gunmen were killed and many others were arrested during the clashes. Machineguns were seized with the armed groups' members.
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