Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Despite Evidence, March 14 Bloc Committed to STL!

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For the March 14 bloc, the so-called Special Tribunal for Lebanon seems to be divine and sacred, just like the Holy Book…

That’s it. The mentioned bloc believes the international tribunal constitutes a red line and therefore, questioning its credibility is nothing but a ‘sin’. No matter what you say, no matter what you prove, no matter what you do, the March 14 bloc will remain committed to the 'divine' STL.

During the few last months, Hezbollah was able to uncover the tribunal’s scandals, to highlight its political aspect, to emphasize its corruption and to confirm its lack of integrity. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah even provided the public with solid evidence, showing how the so-called fair and just tribunal intentionally rejected to take the Israeli hypothesis into consideration.

Yet, the March 14 bloc rejected the solid arguments and remained committed to one principle: the international tribunal is the red line, raising question marks about the real intentions of this bloc and the reasons pushing it to reject any kind of criticism to the tribunal’s proceeding, even if based on solid evidence.


In this context, Marada movement spokesman lawyer Suleiman Franjieh wondered how doubting a tribunal administered by human beings, not prophets, could turn to be partnership in the criminal act.

Franjieh pointed to the efforts paid by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah to raise question marks over the credibility of the tribunal, through very concrete and non-negotiable evidences. He found strange how these evidences were met by complete negligence from the other part.


Franjieh, who was speaking to Al-Manar Website, recalled the various stages of this process since the first time Sayyed Nasrallah spoke of a potential Israeli role behind Hariri’s assassination, when he asked evident questions over why MK Israeli planes were supervising the late premier’s movements.
Yet, Franjieh asked Sayyed Nasrallah not to bother himself because it was clear that the other bloc did not want to take such a hypothesis into consideration. “They don’t want to listen. I guess that even if Rafiq Hariri himself comes and tells them that Israel has assassinated him, they will not believe.”


For his part, Secretary-General of the George Hawi Youth Organization Rafi Madayan said that the March 14 political leadership was linked to international and foreign agendas and that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon turned to be a tool in the hands of the Western states and entered the nations’ game.

Madayan told Al-Manar Website that the March 14 popular base was deluded as a result of political and media campaigns organized by US-financed media panels. He said that the March 14 leadership was carrying out a US agenda at the level of the region, with the aim to face what they call the Iranian influence. “They’re seeking to target Hezbollah and the Resistance in Lebanon to tarnish its image,” he said.

The Lebanese politician stressed that the indictment in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafi Madayan was politicized, and part of the external American policy. He said that the timing of the indictment’s release was not innocent, as it is linked to the American leadership’s plan to target the Resistance and Syria. “This facilitates the plan of creating a sectarian sedition in Lebanon, perhaps in preparation for an Israeli war against the Resistance in the few upcoming months,” he added.
Report prepared by Zoulfikar Daher - Translated

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