Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Responses to Sayyed Nasrallah’s Evidences

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March 14 met Sunday evening at the Bristol Hotel-Beirut to issue its coalition’s official response to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s speech Saturday as well as the government establishment. The political group reiterated its commitment to every international resolution, and pledged to topple the government, launching an international call to boycott it if it did not implement international resolution 1757.

The pro-American political group turned a deaf ear to the evidences Sayyed Nasrallah presented that proved the politicization of the STL and its indictments, saying that this “rhetoric relies on the hegemony of arms and force over all the Lebanese, the thing that confirms that the government is subject to this rhetoric.”

Considering itself a “a national, democratic opposition”, the group called on “the PM to openly and directly declare his commitment to Resolution 1757 in parliament on Tuesday morning, and to announce his commitment to the practical steps for implementing this resolution, or step down along with his government.”

March 14 claimed it was committed to “confront the path that has been undermining coexistence, the state, and the political system,” vowing to continue its struggle “to end this hegemony that relies on weapons.”
In parallel, Lebanon Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani assured that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is internationally legitimized, and called on excluding it from political talks.

He claimed that “including the tribunal in political conflicts is offensive to the memory of PM Rafiq Hariri and all the martyrs”.

The Mufti stressed that the killers of PM Hariri should be punished and that “Lebanon should avoid sedition, division, and fights… things should not be manipulated in a sectarian way.”

On the other hand, Deputy Head of the Higher Shiite Council Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan questioned “the credibility of the international tribunal, and its investigation’s confidentiality amid all the leaks and scandals.”

He assured it is politicized, emphasizing that “the indictment timing uncovered the sabotaging duty of this tribunal that has become a tool for attacking the resisting forces and devastating civil peace.

Sheikh Qabalan called on “the international tribunal to study the evidences that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah presented and that formed clear condemnation to the tribunal.”

Among responses to Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech Saturday was that of Free Patriotic Movement Chief General Michel Aoun, who considered that Sayyed Nasrallah has won the war against the international tribunal by revealing the true character of the tribunal elements, emphasizing that there will neither be a Sunni-Shiite conflict nor a civil war.
In an interview with Al-Manar, Aoun indicated that all evidences eliminate the tribunal’s credibility and reveal that they had a prejudgment that Hezbollah was a terrorist organization and that their decisions will not be right.

In parallel, Head of Al-Marada movement Suleiman Frangieh emphasized that “what Sayyed Nasrallah revealed has increased our conviction that the international tribunal is politicized and wants to target the resistance… the Lebanese have the evidences now.”
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