Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sarkozy: ‘How to get out of Libyan Mess’

After four month of targeting civilian population instead of Libyan soldiers, it’s obvious the invasion of Libya by the US-France-UK-Canada-Italy axis was not to save Libyan from Qaddafi’s dictorial rule – but to remove unpredicable Qaddafi in order to further exploit Libyan oil reserves and keep African countries under western bondage. According to independent sources – the western imperial coalition’s bombing has killed ten Libyan civilian for every Qaddafi’s soldier it killed.

Crypto-Jew Nicolas Sarkozy’s popularity ratings is at dangerouly low level ahead of Presidential election in 2012 due to his home policies and his support for the former dictators in Tunisia and Egypt. His war for regime-change in Libya has generated more criticisim within French media, parliament and even in his own administration for pushing France into a war without a clear agenda, a post-Qaddafi plan and workable exit strategy. In other words, Sarkozy has miserably failed to increase his popularity rating for which he played the part of fiddler for US-Israel-British axis.

While Sarkozy has asked French parliament to vote for the extension of French-Libya War – his own Defence Minister, Gerard Longuet, has advised the rebel leaders to negotiate with Qaddafi’s regime.
“We have asked them to speak to each other,” he said on the French television station BFM-TV on Sunday. “The position of the TNC is very far from other positions. Now, there will be a need to sit around a table.”

Paris was the first capital to give formal recognition to the rebels’ Transitional National Council (TNC) as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people and, effectively, its government-in-waiting.
On July 1, 2011 – over 1.5 million Libyan demonstrated to defend their country and repudiate NATO’s aggression. They demonstrated to show their solidarity with Qaddafi for his habit of challenging western political and economic hegemony in the region. Qaddafi is no Ahmadinejad or Hassan Nasrallah, but he is sure far better than Saudi, Jordian and Moroccan kings and the rest of Arab Sheikhs who have sold their souls to the western Shylocks. Some of Qaddafi’s other crimes include his efforts to free African countries from the clutches of the Jewish-dominated IMF. He is in the process of establishing African Investment Bank (Libya), African Monetary Fund (Cameroon) and African Central Bank (Nigeria). Qaddafi has provided over $60 billion for these projects.

The Zionist-controlled western media has not told the public that Washington froze $30 billion belonging to Libyan State Bank, most of which will end up in the Wall Street’s parasite billionaires’ pockets as is $40 billion Iranian assets frozen in 1980. Pakistani banker Agha Hasan Abedi (d. 1995) and founder of the Bank of Credit and CommeceInternational (BCCI) met a similar fate at the hand of Wall Street bankers. Before BCCI’s closer in 1991 on trumped-up charges – it was the only Muslim international banking institution and 7th largest bank in the world with an asset of $20 billion. Abedi’s mistake was – he gave $30 million to Zimbabwe to prevent defaulting on loans to the IMF and save the country’s assets being looted by the West – Greece being the latest victim.

Qaddafi, like Islamic Republic, Syria, Sudan and Somali, has refused to join the Switzerland-based Bank of International Settlement (BIS), a clearing house for all international transactions.
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