Friday, 15 July 2011

Senior prisoner returned to isolation after prison fake-out

 [ 14/07/2011 - 10:32 AM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)-- Longtime Palestinian prisoner Nael al-Bargouthi, 54, was returned to isolation in the Ramon prison on Tuesday for the second time in a two week timespan.

Apparently, the prison administration faked out prisoners by releasing him to quell wide-ranging protests.

Barghouthi's sister Hanan told the Palestinian Information Center's correspondent in Nablus that the prison administration has continued to provoke prisoners since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced tightened measures against prisoners. She said there was focus on her brother. Special units attacked him earlier this month and physically assaulted him and forced him into a strip search. He was then placed in solitary confinement, stirring anger among the prisoners. He was later brought back to the population after wide-ranging protests.

She said the administration tried to absorb reaction and overwhelming anger by removing Barghouthi from isolation, but other sanctions were still being enforced against him. He was still unable to pray in congregation and fined 485 shekels and denied visitation and canteen rights.

A police unit recently entered the prison and isolated Barghouthi once again, and no news has been heard on him since, Hanan said.

The Gaza Prisoners' Affairs Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that tensions have prevailed among prisoners, and consultations have been taking place on what steps to take in reaction to Barghouthi's isolation.

The ministry said Barghouthi was returned to fufill his term in isolation and that he was only removed from it in the context of an emergency situation, to quell the prisoners' protests.

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